I’m sure this might seem absurd and perhaps even a bit frivolous…but if you know us, you know w love to go climbing. Unfortunately there are not many places close to us which allow us to do decent climbing. There is an indoor hall in Frankfurt but it’s always incredibly crowded and the routes are set so closely together that people are basically climbing on top of each other. Plus it’s pretty expensive and we usually come out complaining. Definitely not what we like to achieve during our climbing experience. There is also the issue with the dog. The few places there are to climb outdoors here, it’s not always practical to have her around…and certainly not many that are close enough to drive to during the week. So we really feel that having our own wall would solve a lot of problems.

I somehow got to browsing for climbing holds and setting up a wall…and stumbled upon this great tutorial for building your own climbing wall. This really is informative and makes us feel a lot more confident about the project. It’s going to be really exciting to finally get this one going…how ever many months down the road that will be 🙂

Oh, and give the writer’s website a try as well: Atomik Climbing Holds. He’s got some great grips…and everyone needs a gator on their wall.