Six years ago when we moved into the farm, we had some grand ideas for our wine cellar. We have a perfect space, virtually hidden within the barn, that is more or less a stone cave which keeps a relatively constant temperature and humidity level. And it’s more than large enough to have a seating area and hundreds of bottles of wine. But it was never high on our list of things to renovate and complete. So for the most part, it’s stored some random things left from the previous owner (that we never got around to trashing) and supplies for our own wine making adventures, plus our collection of wines and champagnes assembled over the last few years. It’s nothing extensive or out of this world – but we have plenty of wine in there to host smaller dinner parties for the next year…and probably still have a few bottles left over.

In our adventures of streamlining our possessions and clearing out the farm, it was essential to get a head start on this room to be get a better idea of just what we’re taking with us. Plus it just seemed like an easy place to tackle because there wasn’t so much junk in there – or so we thought.

How to clean out wine cellar?

As you can see, there are tons of boxes, some random pots for plants and even a few painting and building supplies that you probably don’t notice (sorry for the blurry shots but I’m sure I was distracted by the white mummified spiders hanging from the ceilings.) The first step was to start combining things in boxes (especially cleaning out the ones that were falling apart) and figuring out what is just pure trash.

We’re keeping the most essential items from our wine supplies and the barrels and casks that we may actually use if we find a fruit source in Berlin. A few items are going with us  just because they are going to look fantastic as decorations in our new place, like a HUGE wine balloon which is housed in a wire basket. Words cannot describe how much I love it.

And the rest – well a lot of it has already been trashed. In fact, one of the first things we did was bottle our homemade red wine from our grapes grown on the barn. Twenty-eight bottles worth to be exact. And then we had to get rid of the rest of the empty wine bottles we’d been collecting for the last year or three. There seriously must have been at least 200 bottles. Thank goodness my Defender holds a ton of stuff, because we managed to get all of them to the dump in one trip. When I first started pulling them out, I thought we might actually need a truck bigger than mine to do the job.

How to clean out wine cellar?

The extra wine stuff will be sold off and given away over the coming weeks. We will also have guests here for the next 1.5 weeks – so we plan to get rid of a bunch of the wine and any beer we have around…and whatever is still left, we’ll just have to move with us. Now that we know the apartment we’re moving to, we can really think things through better and make some plans. And since a cellar is a pretty standard thing with apartments, we’ll just store most of it down there until we need it.

Thankfully, with sites like, you can also keep up with your wine inventory without having to go look at the bottles. So that will be something we need update before we move so we’ll know exactly what we have downstairs to wet our pallets with. I think we’ll probably still end up with about 100 bottles to move, which is nothing to sneeze at. And will definitely help us win some new friends in Berlin! 😉

How to clean out wine cellar?

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