When you look back at the choices you made when you were in high school and college, do you wonder whether you did the right thing? If you think about it, expecting hormonal adolescents who are struggling to come to grips with the changes involved in reaching adulthood to make the best decisions for their future at such a problematic stage of their lives is asking a bit much!

There are some students who know what they want to do, achieve what they need to and settle into a rewarding career with scarcely a single doubt or second thought. For most people though, even those who were sure they knew what they wanted to do as a teen, their choices may turn out to have been less fulfilling or long-lasting.

Choose something you love

However, some people have only the vaguest idea of what they want to do with their lives, or no clue at all, and try to hedge their bets by opting to study for subjects that could be useful in a variety of careers. In some cases that works out ok and the subjects they choose turn out to be a great start to an interesting life, but for others their indecision means they end up in jobs they don’t really enjoy, and where their talents aren’t being put to the best use.

Life has a habit of changing everything and disrupting well laid plans, and sometimes this is no bad thing. There are some very successful people who started their lives following a particular career path only to discover by chance that their true passion lay elsewhere – sometimes as a sub-specialty of their existing area of expertise, sometimes in an entirely new field.

Go back to college 

If you’re wondering about the way life has turned out, and if there’s a possibility you could change, then the answer is a definite yes! Access to higher education has never been more widespread and available to all than it is now, and even if you can’t attend college, there are numerous online courses that can give you a recognized degree qualification. In fact, there are very few career paths for which online study isn’t available.

If you’ve come to realize that your passion in life is designing buildings, but you left college with a degree in psychology, you might think your chances of becoming an architect are slim. However, if you do some research, you’ll find you can study for a Bachelor of Architecture degree that fully qualifies you to work in your dream profession. Showing the kind of commitment it takes to study for a degree online is an advantage in many cases because prospective employers can see your dedication to the profession is genuine.

Whatever age you might be, it’s never too late to change your career. With the ever-increasing access to online education from vocational courses right up to degrees and doctorates, you now have an opportunity to look at your life with the wisdom and experience you’ve gained since your teens and study for a degree that you’ll actually use.