Have you ever considered a career change? More and more of us are contemplating ditching our regular 9-5 and perusing a new career that is challenging, pays better and of course, makes us happy. And the vocation that is attracting so many new members? Believe it or not – an attorney!

The legal sector is ever changing, and most of us will come into contact with lawyers and attorneys at some point in our lives. Whether you’ve been in an accident and need to hire a good lawyer or you’re buying or selling a business or even filing for a patent. Because the legal sector is so expansive and has many different departments, it attracts people from all walks of life and those searching for a career that is varied, inspiring and fast paced.

Are you considering a career change? Check out these 5 reasons you should consider the legal sector.

You can help others

When we think of careers that come with job satisfaction, we think of doctors, nurses, teachers etc. But believe it or not, lawyers actually get a lot of fulfillment from their work. Whether they’re helping someone seek justice for something terrible that happened to them, or they’re trying to find a solution so both parents can have access to their children. As a lawyer, you get to assist people when they’re in need and probably have no idea where else to turn. It’s a lot of pressure, but most lawyers would say that it was worth it.

The salary

For many, it’s the high salary that attracts them to the legal sector. Although its worth bearing in mind that not every lawyer takes home six figure salary. The amount of money you earn could be potentially influenced by your location, your expertise, the size of the law firm you’re working with and your experience. It’s worth bearing in mind that although your salary will be generous to begin with, it also has the potential to grow year on year.

Use your brains

From using logic to help close a legal case and devising strategies in the courtroom to bringing together companies and forming multi-million dollar unions. As a lawyer, you have to use all your mental skills to ensure a job well done. If you’re a critical thinker looking for a challenge then law could be for you.

The influence

Lawyers aren’t just confined to large offices, lined with leather-bound books and hard backed chairs. If you specialize in a particular field, there’s no telling where you career could take you. From aiding those with high positions in government, to holding an office in the highest court in the land, even working with celebrities and those with powerful influence. The world of law is exciting and almost limitless.

You never stop learning

The legal world is always changing, so not only do you have to dedicate yourself to years of additional academia to get started, but you also need to be prepared to sharpen your skills and your knowledge constantly.