Well we finally got to bring her home today. We took a trip up to the breeders yesterday evening so we could talk about the paperwork and all that. It was actually a rather wasted trip ’cause there wasn’t all that much to discuss but we got to see the puppies and man did they grow in 1 1/2 weeks. Ayla is actually just short of the 8 kilo mark which is necessary for her to come home but since she’s 7.6 kg and they round the numbers up, we got really lucky.

Ayla hanging out with her mommy Josie

Ayla hanging out with her mommy Josie

She was just great during the ride. We took the Defender so she can get used to riding in it since that will be her primary mode of transportation. She was a total angel, not really whimpering or anything, and she barely even complained about the lack of A/C. Thankfully this should mean that we won’t be having any issues down the road (pun intended lol) when we need to take her here and there and when we take our Iberian Peninsula roadtrip in September and October.

Since the weather is really nice this weekend, we’re planning to spend a lot of time outside with her. She is already starting to change our lifestyle since we’d usually just hang around on the couch most of the time and watch movies or do something work related…but instead we’ll be doing some backyard projects to get the spring season going.

There hasn’t been any real cat/dog interaction at this point but they seem to be pretty angry with us at the moment so I think we’re gonna have to give things a few weeks to sort themselves out.