With so many advances in technology, the nature of work has witnessed a radical change. Business transactions and activities that used to take months and weeks, now take minutes or even a few hours. Instead of mailing correspondences across the world and waiting months for them to reach their intended recipients, documents can simply be emailed and a decision can be reached a lot faster.

Aside from email, office productivity software, meeting applications, and cloud storage have enabled international workforces to collaborate and do so more quickly. This has raised the standards for professionals, creating busy work weeks where much is expected. Aside from constantly developing one’s skills, having access to the right equipment has become more important than ever. 

One of the best solutions for higher productivity and better results? The Geminos stacked monitors. Join us as we explore how this multitasking powerhouse can give you an ace up your sleeve. 

Benefits of Having Multiple Monitors

Here’s why you should seriously consider investing in a dual monitor setup:

Improved Efficiency

A dual monitor productivity study found that individuals who used this setup:

  • Were 18% more efficient, completing tasks quicker and with more accuracy.
  • Switched windows 15% less frequently as they had all the information they needed available at a glance. Since it can take 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on track after a task is interrupted, this brings huge time savings.

So, having two screens in front of you can actually help you stay focused!

Supreme Ergonomics 

Sitting in front of the screen for extended periods can affect your spine, put pressure on your lower back, and lead to muscle strain. To add fuel to the fire, small-sized text can cause contractions and spasms, causing you to develop eye strain. 

Lucky for us, a stacked monitor setup addresses this concern like a pro. With dual 24-inch stacked monitors, you can comfortably view a lot of information at the same time while staying on top of your tasks. The screens are stacked on top of one another instead of side by side, which brings a reduced risk of tech neck. 

Plus, it has an adjustable height and viewing angles to encourage a healthy posture. 

Enhanced Productivity 

The more you can see, the more you can do. A survey of over 1,000 end users proved that multiple displays can increase productivity by 42%. It does this by eliminating the need to scroll, which is known to disrupt the user’s sense of text structure and spatial location of information.

With your available screen space multiplied by two, you can easily navigate between different projects without having to constantly switch between windows and apps. All the information you need is available at a glance, so you can look at your resources on one screen and perform the steps on the other to complete your tasks.

How To Optimize Your Dual Monitor Setup 

Investing in a dual monitor setup is a great start, but if you want to enhance your work experience:

Tweak the Brightness 

This setup has adjustable brightness up to 250 nits. Fine-tune it to your preferred setting to maintain readability in different lighting conditions and reduce eye strain.

Know Thy Shortcuts 

If you want to work faster with minimal effort, learn and use keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you want to minimize all windows except the one you’re working on, simply press the Win+Home button together. There’s no need to manipulate the windows manually with a mouse. 

Know and Use Your Dual-Monitor Features

Geminos comes with a built-in 1080p webcam, dual speakers, and a microphone. This means that you can get rid of several external equipment, allowing you to have a cleaner-looking and more organized workspace. Make full use of these features to get the most bang for your buck.

Use the Right Software

Looking to improve your workflow? Here are some software options you should get for seamless multitasking: 

  • LetsView is a screen mirroring app that allows you to share screens between Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and TV, and DisplayFusion. It offers features like multi-monitor taskbars and customizable hotkeys. 
  • You can also experiment with Spacedesk and use LAN devices as additional displays.

Invest in a Stacked Monitor Setup Today 

If you’re a busy professional who wants to increase your work output and stay ahead of the rat race, this setup is for you. Unlock the many benefits of having dual monitors and you may never look back. 

Explore the Mobile Pixels website today and watch your dual monitor setup change your professional life for the better.