With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, in the whole world we were all home bound for the longest times. Some of us are still stuck in the four boring walls of our house with nothing to do. The reality is that if we start looking inside these four walls there’s a lot that we can do to kill our boredom and make our house better at the same time. So why not use this time to make your kitchen look like the kitchen of your dreams with some very cool DIY projects? The best part about DIY’ing is that you don’t have to buy a lot of expensive supplies most of the items would just be lying around the house otherwise getting ignored.

It would be an amazing opportunity for the whole family to work together on something fun and get closer! Here are the 5 best DIY’s for improving your kitchen design!

1. DIY Kitchen Command Center

Kitchen being the heart of your home and the social hub of the house gets the most traffic. Families usually gather in the kitchen so a command center can be the perfect way to communicate in any kitchen. All you need is a chalkboard or even a white board depending on your preference, although we would highly advise that you go for a chalkboard with wooden borders to get a more rustic and aesthetic vibe.

Hang your board on an empty wall and then use it for important reminders. Add holders for your bills and letters that come and the items that are supposed to go out. Add another section of things to do where you can list down everyone’s tasks for the day and other important things to do. A cute little section for the menu can be made along with a list of grocery items.

2. Add A Pop of Colors

You must be very bored with your same old kitchen cabinets but getting new ones can be very heavy on the pocket. Change the appearance of your cabinets by adding a pop of color to them. If you have natural wood cabinets, then they are super easy to paint and you won’t need much effort. But if your cabinets are made of laminate wood, then that is another story. Can you paint laminate cabinets? If yes, how? What is the cost and the process?

Once all these things are sorted, then you can go ahead and start painting your kitchen cabinets!

3. Declutter Cabinets And Spice Racks

The one thing that’s always disturbing the peace of any kitchen are the jars of spices and herbs which never find a permanent home. From one drawer to another they just roam around. To finally give them a home, declutter your kitchen cabinets and add extra shelves for smaller jars and bottles.. All you need is some wood, nails, hammer and paint or polish if you don’t like the natural appearance of wood although if you want an aesthetic look let the natural grains of wood shine. Now choose a wall and start placing the wooden racks, a solid flat piece of wood without any boundary will be good too. Hammer it in the wall and make sure it’s safe and strong so that none of your jars fall.

4. DIY Wallpaper Backsplash

This DIY worked the best for our kitchen because we had a leftover roll of wallpaper from our previous home so the only investment here was our time and effort. If you don’t have spare wallpaper go to a home depot and buy leftover wallpaper rolls at a cheaper price. Make sure the wallpaper is easy peel and stick so that you don’t have to spend so much time on gluing it and keep something to smooth it over.

Start affixing the wallpaper of your choice to the backsplash tiles, keep smoothing it over with a roller or some other flat surface to make sure it sticks effectively without any bubbles, you can also use different types of paper to add more drama to your kitchen! Moreover, if you’re bored with your kitchen cabinets or countertops try laminate on them, you’ll be amused with the results!

5. DIY Vintage Pendant Light

Pendant lights have become one of the most important elements in modern homes but our personal favorites have always been the carefully curated DIY pendant lights. Use an old funnel to make the perfect pendant for your kitchen island. It looks really cool once you’ve added a long edison bulb, you could also spray paint it golden for a more royal look but the rustic feel of an old metal funnel is equally outstanding.

There are many other ways to make a DIY pendant light, you can also use an old lampshade, a wire rack or even use old tins and paint them to make the most stylish pendant lights!

We hope that these quick DIY’s will help to revamp your kitchen and give it the look you always wanted. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen to the lastest trends without even spending a lot of money!