Are you looking to give your kitchen a modern face-lift? Is your kitchen outdated and in need of an upgrade? Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is essential that its design reflects the warmth and ambiance of your family. We will show you hot trends that will prepare your home for 2020.


Smart kitchens are all the rave these days. The advent of the “internet of things” has created a new level of convenience for the modern family. In fact, it’s one of the top features people look for in Hamilton homes for sale or homes in any city.

While new kitchens are often designed using smart technology as a fundamental factor, older kitchens can incorporate smart appliances and fixtures to enhance the functionality of your kitchen.


It seems that the era of the traditional white cabinet is coming to an end. While white cabinets provide a classic look that will remain a suitable design choice for some homeowners, the dark-colored cabinet is vastly increasing in popularity.

Dark-stained cabinets help to contrast kitchens that have white or light-colored countertops. Dark hues in natural wood tints, black, blue, and green help to establish a more prestigious look to your abode.


Countertops are arguably one of the most critical factors in kitchen design. The countertop is highly visible to all visitors and thus should give off an impression of both style and functionality.

At the top of the list of trendy countertop materials is quartz. Its luxurious marble-like appearance and its durability make quartz an ideal choice for modern kitchen design.

Textured countertops are also trending currently among many homeowners. While some homeowners still want the high-gloss surface on their counters, an increasing number of homeowners are opting for honed finishes for their countertops.

Among other popular countertop surfaces, we have metal, neutral colors and the use of mixed materials.


When it comes to kitchen flooring, it is apparent that hardwood kitchen floors are in. In fact, floors that look like real wood are also reasonably popular.

Wood is a design element with varying textures and appearances. Your choice of looks ranges from traditional high-gloss finishes to rustic.

Laminate flooring has a faux-wood appearance and has really advanced over the years. Some brands are genuinely indistinguishable to hardwood. For those that want the look and feel of hardwood without the maintenance, you may want to look into laminate flooring as a design option.

Sinks and Faucets

As far as sinks are concerned, the integrated or under mounted sink is quite prevalent and offers a seamless design choice. These sinks mount beneath the countertop.

When it comes to material, copper sinks are trendy right now. The single-basin pan is also a very stylish sink design.

The black matte, brushed bronze, and brass faucet finishes are in high demand right now. Besides, water conservation features in modern faucets make them eco-friendly.


Hopefully, these design ideas will assist you with your new kitchen design. Whether you have an old kitchen that needs to be remodeled, or you are designing a new kitchen, these material tips will offer you design choices that will give your kitchen a modern feel.