Today, cruise lines are considered a perpetual problem as they are considered environmentally destructive and against environmental policies. Despite the negative reputation, cruise lines continue to be popular,  and the onus lies on us as consumers to become environmentally conscious and look for ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

Docked Alaskan cruise ship

So, when booking your Alaskan cruise, consider this a unique opportunity to explore some of the most breathtaking landscapes and amazing wildlife on the planet and become aware of your ecological footprint. It is time to adopt eco-friendly practices on an Alaskan cruise and develop sustainable habits to minimize your environmental impact.

Let us have a look at how you can encourage eco-friendly practices and protect the Alaskan ecosystem.

Look for an eco-friendly cruise

In order to initiate your eco-friendly journey, you must start by selecting a cruise line that is aware of its environmental responsibility and is known for its sustainable practices. A few Alaskan cruise companies employ advanced technologies and focused initiatives to reduce emissions and show their commitment to environmental conservation.

Sustainable products and sources

Cruise lines must look at their supply chains, and passengers must evaluate their practices and efforts to order and utilize only sustainable food and other products for a healthier experience. Food ingredients can be sourced locally, and certain products can be recycled and offloaded at key ports to conserve oil and energy.

Respect local ecosystem and wildlife guidelines

It is a must to be aware of wildlife viewing guidelines and respect the local ecosystem to preserve wildlife and minimize disturbance. Cruise lines must not allow passengers to use loud devices when observing wildlife and maintain a safe distance. The purpose is to follow eco-friendly practices and avoid causing any stress to wildlife.

 Cleaner energy and alternative power

As cruise ships and marine vessels contribute to significant CO2 emissions, choose cruise lines that use hybrid engines and biodegradable fuel to produce cleaner exhaust. Cruise ships in Alaska are opting for solar panels and wind power to meet their energy needs and installing an exhaust cleaning system to produce cleaner exhaust.

Educating crew and passengers

Another effective option is to have environmental officers on board to educate and engage the crew and passengers on the importance of improving environmental sustainability. With higher awareness and environmental training, one can expect greater compliance with environmental requirements. Those efforts can indeed make a huge difference to the ship’s footprint and enhance environmental efforts.

Reuse and recycle

Passengers can follow recycling programs and minimize single-use plastics to curb any waste. The cruise ships can make the guests familiar with the recycling policies and encourage the use of reusable bags, reusable water bottles, and towels, as well as encourage the guests to make a conscious effort to dispose of items responsibly.

As you can see, the cruise linens and the passengers can work together to lower the threat to the Alaskan ecosystem, and it is those little things that can make a huge difference.