Looking after the home is always an important consideration, and there’s a lot that goes into this part of day to day life. If you’re keen on reducing your environmental impact, or just trying to cut out some possible health risks that you might be in contact with at the moment, there’s a fair few solutions that are open to you.

Whatever your reasons are, you’re sure to find some benefit in this advice we’ve collected on some environmentally friendly ways that you can keep a healthy home.

Eco-friendly lawn and garden care

A vibrant lawn and garden is a really positive thing for the environment to begin with. Bees can stop by and pollinate your flowers, and all your plants are playing their part in keeping our air clean too.

Because they can be so important, it’s also important to make sure that you look after your garden effectively, without the risk of damaging it or yourself.

As a result you’ll want to look for eco friendly alternative ways to care for your garden, particularly if you’re conscious of your environmental impact overall. One of the ways you can do this is by looking into garden treatments that aren’t chemical based, as they’re often toxic, such as when thinking about the dangers of roundup weed killer.

Instead, consider doing some research into alternatives that are less harsh on the environment or people’s health. For example:

  • Thoroughly spraying your plants with soapy water will kill many small insects such as spider mites and aphids
  • Spreading diatomaceous earth will kill pests like maggots, caterpillars, aphids and more by lacerating their bodies, rather than spreading poison
  • Fill up some containers with beer and spread them around your garden to create a natural and safe slug trap

For another environmentally friendly garden care bonus, you could also consider using greywater to water your plants. Greywater is used sink, washer, and shower water that would otherwise go down the drain. You might think of it as waste, but that water still contains nutrients that can benefit your plants

Clean air around the home

Simply keeping plants around the home is a great way to ensure that the air you, your family and your friends breath while at your house is as clean and as pure as it can be. There’s a huge range of plants that you could choose from, and many of them have their own unique ways that they contribute to clean, toxin-free air around the home.

Some plants that you might consider dotting around your home include:

  • English ivy
  • Spider plant
  • Peace lily
  • Ficus Alli
  • Philodendron

There are a huge range of plants that can clean the air in your home, and this is just a very brief selection. Toxins that plants like these can remove include formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and many more.

If you combine a wide range of air-cleaning plants with a hoover that’s been fitted with a HEPA filter, you may well even start to find that allergies to things such as dust mites and pet dander start to greatly reduce in quantity. This will leave you with both a greener home, and a healthier one too.