Breakfast is the most important process of eating. And, if you spend a day learning, you need special products to help you with this.

Long ago people noticed that food we consume can contribute to or hamper intellectual activity. For example, eating junk food like burgers will make you lazy and relaxed while you need to be active during your studies. Therefore, you will probably feel like applying for assignment writing help online rather than completing the task independently.

You should be careful when choosing food. Students tend to eat a lot of fast food, sweets and drink cola because they don’t want to spend a lot of money and time to cook meals. As a result, they don’t feel good, can’t concentrate or make up their minds when needed. After eating junk food they try to refresh and start to drink energy drinks. In this article, we want to share the secrets of healthy food for the brain to make your studies more effective.


Fresh Fruits and Berries

It’s already a common knowledge that sugar stimulates intellectual activity. Do you remember that you were keen to eat something sweet when you started to write a college paper? However, chocolate or sour cream biscuits are high-calorie food. Fresh fruits are good alternatives to sweets because they contain sugar and can stimulate intellectual activity. Eat an apple, a pear, a banana, an orange or a slice of melon instead of a chocolate bar and you will definitely feel the difference: fresh fruits will fill you with energy and encourage you to be more creative. Dark-colored berries like blueberry or blackberry have the same effect.


Salmon is known for its ability to increase intellectual capacities of people. Mackerel, herring, trout, and sardines are healthy food that contains a lot of Omega 3 and protein. Omega 3 fatty acids make a positive effect on the human brain and mental health. Fish oil can help improve memory and fight depression. Besides, Omega-3 is good for heart and skin health. Salmon with picante sauce is a perfect meal for those who are going to pass exams. Herring and sardines are the most affordable options because students don’t have a lot of money. A couple of sardines or a small piece of herring on a slice of whole-wheat bread is better than junk food from McDonald’s. You can drip several drops of champagne on herring to make this sandwich more delicious. In general, homemade sandwiches are better than fast food. So, eat sandwiches with oily fish before tests and exams to receive better grades.


All people know about the nutritive value of vegetables, but few of us use enough of them in the ration. However, not all vegetables are equally useful. For example, canning potatoes can’t do the job. Vegetables of deep-green color that contain vitamin K, B6 and B12 help improve brain functioning. Besides, broccoli, chard, kale and spinach help improve memory and alertness. Green vegetables will taste better if you add some picante sauce. Making a salad with these vegetables is a good idea as well.



Eggs are the well-known source of vitamin B12 that is good for brain development. Besides, eggs can fill you with energy before an exam. Many people like to start their days with eggs. You can cook a great number of meals using eggs: omelet, boiled, fried or poached eggs. It’s better to eat one egg instead of biscuits or canning potatoes because eggs contain a lot of protein that is beneficial for effective brain work.


Nuts are considered the best food for the health of the human brain because they contain fat and carbs. Almond, walnuts, cashew, and pistachios contribute to positive brain functioning. Peanut is an exception because peanuts are beans, not nuts. They don’t contain the same nutrients as other nuts. However, sometimes nuts and peanuts can cause the allergy. Therefore, make sure you don’t have allergy for nuts before eating.

Peanut butter contains protein and fats for excellent brain work. Put two spoons of butter on whole-wheat bread or add a handful of peanuts to your morning porridge and go to pass your test. Pumpkin seeds are also good to feed the brain. Besides, these seeds contain a lot of zinc that can cope with stress effectively.


Healthy drinks can also help your brain function better when you really need it. Coffee and energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine and they can make you fresh for some time, but they’re not good for your health. A cup of green tea with a spoon of honey can help concentrate better. Drinking water is also recommended. It’s better to drink 1.5 liters of still water per day. Water hydrates you and makes your brain work at full capacity. Take a bottle with water to the class to stay focused during your study session.

Food is very important for students during sessions, tests, and exams. Help yourself by eating healthy food to improve your college results. Correct diet can create miracles. Try it out and make sure you can get better marks.