In these unstable economic times, there are more hurdles than ever to finding a new job. Whether you are looking for your first job, have been unemployed for some time or are seeking to change careers, a variety of technological, economic and social factors are now all affecting the ease of getting that new job.

Most people are familiar with the usual struggles of getting a job, such as having the right experience and education, possessing a resume and needing references. However, for some, other challenges exist that can further complicate the process.

As such, let’s examine four big unconventional struggles that can hinder the job hunt for some individuals, and how each issue can be overcome.

Substance Abuse & Drug-Related Issues

The use of select substances – whether legally or otherwise – poses a challenge for millions of Americans. Substance abuse is no laughing matter, especially when hunting for new employment. Addiction to opiates, prescription drugs and other illegal substances can completely derail the hiring process when and if a drug screening is required, and even when in the process of coming clean, can still cause issues (for example, those coming off of opiates need to know how long does subutex stay in your system).

Even those who are prescribed select substances that are otherwise illegal must obtain the proper paperwork to prove their legitimate use, adding further complications to the hiring process.


Everybody needs a foundation in order to be successful in life. It is estimated that 500,000 people in the US are homeless: these individuals struggle to find employment, even when they are motivated to obtain work.

Not having a home from which to engage in the job hunting process complicates things substantially. From not being able to shower and keep clothes clean to lacking access to internet services on a consistent basis, it is incredibly difficult to overcome these challenges. Thankfully, many areas offer employment centers and non-profit charities that can provide most if not all of the services needed to overcome this struggle.

General Poverty

Even for those who do have a place to live and sleep, poverty can be a terrible hurdle in finding work. From lacking reliable transportation to maintaining a consistent cell phone connection, the sheer amount of infrastructure required to effectively search for jobs, make it to interviews and keep the job once secured can be hundreds of dollars per month. Once a job is secured, overcoming most of these challenges is possible – but getting there in the first place is nevertheless difficult.

Lack of Work History

Over the past 10 years or so, millions of people have suffered. Many were knocked out of the job market during the Great Recession, and some were out of work for so long that they’ve yet to return to the workforce. Employers are obviously skeptical about those who have no recent work history, making it yet another hurdle for many to circumvent.

A variety of temporary work and personnel services will find job opportunities for those who lack a steady work history, helping them to get back on their feet and build their resumes in preparation for long-term employment opportunities.

For some, the challenges of finding a job feel difficult. However, many face an even greater set of hurdles that impact the most basic aspects of employment opportunities. These four unconventional challenges affect millions of people; understanding them (and knowing that they can be overcome) is crucial for many seeking new occupations in today’s workforce.