If you are struck down by a serious illness or even disability, it can often feel very isolating and like you’re unsure of your direction in life now. However, taking small steps in the right direction is the best way to go about it – being particularly focused on practical things that can remove stress from your situation.

  • You will need to arrange your finances

First and foremost, try to get a handle on your finances as soon as possible. You will likely need rest, however, and may even be unable to leave the house. Legal advice from the likes of Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers, Berger and Green, is therefore incredibly useful, as they do home and hospital visits to advise you on your free situation.

Having an expert in your corner from the start is a great way to approach things, as they know all of the pitfalls and ways to see progress sooner. There are often delays or appeals involved in social security applications as well as personal injury cases, so it is best to expect this from the outset and try to get your finances in order as best you can until a resolution can be found.

  • Modifications to your home may be required

Some people find it distressing to find out that modifications may be required for their homes. It seems drastic and like a big step in admitting they cannot perform certain functions as they did. However, although it can be upsetting, it is important to remember that these modifications are there to help them recuperate and live their lives as best they can with aids there to help them.

If you find that your home requires any modifications, whether short term or long term, see them as aids and nothing else. They are a positive step in helping you perform daily tasks and keep as normal a routine as possible.

  • It’s a good idea to look into sick leave rights 

If you are forced to take lengthy sick leave from work, it is a good idea to look into your rights before you confirm anything with your workplace. If you hoping to return to work – whether it is with reevaluated duties, reduced hours or simply at a later date – you must have a plan of action that is legally sound.

I am on sick leave sign on the workplace.

Some employers have no legal obligation to provide sick leave at all, however, you may still be entitled to ‘reasonable accommodations’ and the Family and Medical Leave Act covers many circumstances for unpaid leave to retain your job. However, there is still a lot of lobbying going on for paid leave in the US and ten states, so far, have signed up to some form of paid leave.

  • Asking for help will help you to recover 

You probably don’t want to admit you need it and don’t want to impose on anybody, however, the best way to get on the right track quicker is to ask for help. By focusing on getting rest and managing your symptoms – as well as keeping a positive mindset – you can start enjoying life a bit more once again.

Just getting help around the house, or with getting shopping, or to travel appointments you might need to go to can take a lot of pressure off you when you are juggling a lot of other stresses. It also helps family and friends to feel like they have a role that they can fulfill to show their love and support, so everyone’s a winner.