search engine optimizationJust a few short years ago, No Ordinary Homestead was a fledgling blog which was mostly frequented by only my friends and family. It was just a place to share information about our lives in Germany so I didn’t have to write the same email 30 times a day. Then I realized how much I really enjoyed blogging and I started to figure out how to make my posts interesting to more than just people who already knew us. But how do you actually get your blog out there?

Over the last few years, I have had quite a few new bloggers reach out to me and ask how you go about creating a well-know blog. So I thought it was time to let you in on my secret. And say thanks to everyone who has supported NOH with your emails and comments.

There are so many ways to grow a blog, but it often takes hours upon hours of connecting with others and trying to build a following on various social media sites. Not only does that get tedious and leave room for few other things in life that are a whole lot more fun, but you often find yourself getting sidetracked in these sites and lose even more of your precious time.

That’s when I discovered an alternative that many bloggers (and even website owners) overlook, which started generating more traffic than I could even imagine and has consequently allowed me to develop amazing new friendships with people around the world. It’s not something which is all that complicated, but it does take a while to actually do the work. You basically want to build a network of links back to your own website on various sites around the web which already have great rankings, to show Google (and other search engines) that the content on your website is worthwhile. In a nutshell, this is SEO.

If you write great content, this will often happen naturally. My origami newspaper pots tutorial and schweinebraten recipe have been linked by all sorts of sites, which really makes you feel great to know that someone finds a post you wrote worthy of linking to. But there are probably tons of other people who write about the same things you are writing about, and in the search rankings, your site may be buried at the bottom of the list, making it really hard for someone to find your amazing content.

The reason I’m bringing this up now, is because arma communications (my small business and web consulting company which I’ve told you about before) is actually a sponsor of the Refueling Power Moms giveaway (starting this Thursday, October 6th) and giving away an awesome SEO package to give your website or blog a huge boost. Not only will it include keyword research to help you know where to focus your efforts, but it also is just an awesome opportunity to build your PageRank, start making waves online and bring new traffic to your site. It is an effective tool whether you are just getting started online, or have been running your website for a long time.

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