If you’re anything like me, the holidays are a great excuse to work on a few DIY projects around the house. Each season is an opportunity to add new colors, decorations, and themes to your kitchen, living room or even landscaping.

With spring right around the corner (it may have even started where you are already), your house will welcome yellows, pinks, greens and whites into its decor. Fortunately, you probably already have some great decorations already!

Although Easter has passed, it’s always smart to take a little inventory of your decorations as you’re taking them down. Can any of your decorations be used for more than one season? If not, keep an eye out for things for all spring and summer occasions. Things like Personal Creations Easter baskets can be taken apart and you can use the grass, eggs, and whatever little ornaments you may have to create a perfect little centerpiece, some mantle decorations, or even a potpourri basket for the bathroom.

For a wreath you can use in nearly every season, dye several of your eggs with cooler hues like rust or burgundy. In the fall, you can add colorful leaves and acorns to welcome the autumn season. You can also add a few candles nearby to make a complete centerpiece.

A great way to spruce up your home is to add a creative and colorful centerpiece on your dining room table. Start by finding a seasonal tablecloth or runner that can be easily replaced each season. Place several glass votives or jars in the center and add colorful candles that reflect the current season. Bright pinks and yellows for the spring or deep reds and greens for the winter will warm any table during the holidays. And although not as permanent, a bouquet of fresh flowers in the summer or perennials at Christmas are a wonderful addition to any tabletop.

If you’re looking for something homemade and personal, work on a few art projects with your kids with a holiday theme. Christmas ornaments, egg dying, paper hearts or hand-print turkeys are fun activities that you’ll be able to hang on your wall or tree, and a lot of them can be used for your spring decorations today.

For all the sentimentalists out there, Real Simple suggests a card mantel arrangement that will warm any room. You can display all the beautiful cards you’ve received from friends and family each year in an easy and prominent way! This could also work with old photos of your family from previous holidays or gatherings which you can change throughout the year. Try stringing them together with ribbon for some added flare.

Each of the seasons are known for a few specific colors, but there are several hues that can be used all year round. A warm cream or ivory is always a useful base and can be accented with the colors for the specific season. Lighter browns, tans and beiges are also a perfect complement to the bright reds and yellows of each season.

However you choose to decorate your home this spring, don’t stress! A few simple flower arrangements and warm colors are all you need to rid yourself of those winter blues.

Do you have any ideas for warming your house up this spring? Have you made any fun crafts with your kids this season?