Making the choice on which bed to purchase is very important. There are a lot of factors to consider while making this choice. Why it is so important is because we spend a lot of time in our beds, so it has to be the best fit for us. Not only about the time spent in bed, but there is also our health- a wrong bed choice could lead to back pain or bad posture, the size of our rooms- would it accommodate a queen size bed or a king size bed? We also have to consider our budget. How much do you have to spend on this bed? Check out our bed reviews and guide here.

There are some steps which you could follow towards making this important choice. They are not exhaustive so feel free to add to these steps if you have any that works for you.


The choice of buying a bed starts with going shopping. You have to visit different stores so as to make the best choice. Although there are some great online stores that you could buy beds from, it is advisable to go to a physical store location and make your purchase.

Lie on it and get the feel of it.

Now this is one step that is crucial. You are going to spend a large amount of time on your bed so before buying you need to know how comfortable it is. Is it good for your back? Is the texture right for you? These are just some of the questions that you need to get answers to if you are going to bed buying and they cannot be answered if you order your bed online.

How big is your room?

Okay, so imagine you get a king size bed for a room that can only fit a queen? Yes, that’s right, it won’t, or it could fit but your walkways will shrink to almost disappearing. The size of your room to a large extent will determine the size of the bed you get either a full double, a queen or even a king. You want to keep this in mind as a wrong sized bed would disrupt the flow of your space.

Consider getting a storage bed

Do you have a large wardrobe? Do you need to conserve space? Then consider getting a storage bed which you could fold up as opposed to it being a permanent fixture in your room and watch yourself create more room in your space. The space could be used for dancing, yoga or converts your sleeping area to a living room, if you live in a studio apartment.

Go as large as you want

As long as you have enough room, then consider buying a bed that is as large as you can get. This gives you enough room to move around if you are an active sleeper or if you will be sharing the bed with a partner. Have a dresser with a table lamp and love to read at night, kids who love to cuddle some nights or start a pillow fight? A large enough bed makes this possible without disturbing your partner and accommodates your kids when they want some parental love at night plus gives you room to pillow fight without falling off.

Why not get a double instead of a single bed?

Comfort when it comes to your bed is ideal. You want enough space to stretch from side to side and if you are tall enough space that your feet don’t hang off the end of your bed. So, it isn’t about just been single or a couple, consider getting a bed that has enough space for just you.

Feels good and looks good

Your bed shouldn’t be about the comfort only, it should also be a design that reflects your personality. Your choice of headboards is significant is making a statement with your bed. You can get a hand-crafted headboard if that is your style or go rustic with a metal headboard. Also, consider the bed frame, should it be wooden slats, sprung base or box springs?

Think about your posture

Your health is paramount. You need to make a choice of a bed that helps improve your posture not make it worse. There are different consistencies of bed and you have to choose the right one for yourself. It could either be hard, firm or medium firm made of high resilience foam, latex, natural materials or memory foam.

They are a pair so your bed and mattress should fit

You do not want to get a mattress that is so small or too large for your bed. They have to be a perfect fit not only to stop the mattress from moving while you lie in it but also for the beauty of your space. A bad fit between these two isn’t the way to go.


Before you go into a store, you most likely have a budget already or a price range you intend to stick to. Different beds come in different prices while some are more expensive than others, the size of bed you intend to buy will determine the price of it.


Here you get to make a decision on which bed to buy. You have considered space, comfort, durability, price and your budget, then it comes down to making a choice. Do you need a queen or a king? Do you want a double or a single? Making this choice depends on each individual and their different needs.

Your bed choice should depend on all these and even more. You do not want to buy a bed then regret your choice as it turns out to be a bad fit for your room or it happens to be uncomfortable. So check our reviews and guide towards making this important decision for yourself, your partner, your family or even your infant.