As people are starting to redecorate their homes, different ideas are flooding through your mind. What themes are the most trending right now? A rustic theme is one of the most popular at this time. It does not matter how small or how large your budget. A rustic theme is an easy way to go. A rustic theme has a ton of different concepts. You can go simple, or you can go all in. What does it mean to have a rustic theme decor? A rustic theme is wood, metal, or stone accents. A rustic theme is a raw but natural look. You can get this theme on the inside and outside of your home.


What is shiplap? Shiplap is a wood that you put on your wall. You can use it as an accent, or you can use it on all your walls or ceilings. Putting it on one wall for an accent wall is a simple
way to give your home a rustic feel. If you want to be bold, put it on all your walls and ceiling. Either way, the shiplap is a beautiful way to get a rustic theme.

Barn Door

Another simple way to add to your rustic theme is adding barn doors. ( Here is a seller that we trust ) You can buy prebuilt doors or can build barn doors from pallet wood. Also, you can use them in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. The barn doors are beautiful, regardless of where you use them. The barn doors are a rustic statement piece.

Wood Beams

Wood beams will give any home a small rustic touch. Beams are simple but yet bold. Wood beams can give your home a cozy cabin or barn feel. Wood beams are a great way to go when trying to get a rustic look in your home.


Sometimes changing the small details is all you need to do when trying to get the rustic feel for your home. All you need to do is add some materials. What do I mean by materials? Adding some roofing tin to your ceilings, or adding some stone to your fireplace. Another great way is to get a piece of weathered wood and add it as an accent wall. You can also take a big, chunky piece of wood and use it as a mantel on your fireplace. These are only a few ideas on how adding materials make your home rustic.

Open Concept

A great idea when trying to decorate your home with a rustic theme is the floor plan. An open concept floor plan makes your home flow better. An open concept is when one room flows into the other. An example of an open concept is when you can not see where your living room ends, and the dining room or kitchen begins. With an open concept, your home feels cozy like a rustic cabin.

Farm Sink

A farmhouse sink is also known as apron sinks. The apron sink got the name because of the front of the sink exposes the front. A farmhouse sink is a must when trying to make a statement. Farmhouse sinks are beautiful. A beautiful farmhouse sink can transform your rustic home all by itself. When you have a farmhouse sink, this in itself can be one of the most recognizable pieces in your home.

Accessories and colors

Other ways to get that rustic feel when you are redecorating your home, try changing the accessories. You can add a rug, a picture, or furniture pieces. Another great way to add some rustic is by changing the colors. Try natural colors instead of bright and bold colors. The best colors to go with are browns and beige’s. If you want bold color, rusty red would be the way to go.

These are just a few things that can make your home have a rustic flare. There are so many other things you can do to get this feeling in your home. But these few things can make your home stand out. Now you know a few ways to turn your home into a beautiful rustic home. There are many other ways you can use your imagination and bring out that rustic look. When trying to redecorate with a rustic look can be an easy task. Someone with a medium to a large budget can do so much to accomplish this. A rustic theme for your home is one of the easiest to do, especially with a healthy budget.