Ok, not something that is on top of most peoples list of things to build, a protractor, but sometimes you just don’t have one around when you need one. We found ourselves in that tight spot yesterday while building the roof trusses for the greenhouse and first thought back to geometry class from our school days, but quickly dismissed that idea because it would to be too much of a pain.

As usual, the internet has the answer – Michael Ossmann at Ossmann.com has templates for various protractors in pdf format. We chose the conventional protractor, the kind most of us used in school. Just open the link, print the sucker out and use a glue stick to stick it on a piece of cradboard – the back of a notebook works well. Then simply cut it out and there is your protractor. Certainly not as durable as something store bought, but in a pinch it will do the trick. Thanks Michael!