If you have pigeons roosting on your porch, they can cause plenty of problems. It can be hard to remove them once they’re there as they tend to stay close to where they are born and don’t migrate. Your porch probably provides cozy places for them to nest, and they are likely to have sources of food and water close by. Before you know it, you may have more pigeons than you know how to deal with.

What problems can pigeons cause on your porch?

Pigeon droppings are highly corrosive and can even cause damage to the structure of your porch. Cleaning up their droppings isn’t fun either.

There are a number of diseases associated with pigeon droppings, including a flu-like illness called psittacosis. You can become infected if you breathe in the dust created when you clean the droppings. The risk is rare unless you have a compromised immune system. As long as you take precautions while cleaning them up, the main problem is the unsightliness and the effort it takes.

Even a few pigeons can generate enough droppings to create a real mess. If you want to avoid constantly cleaning up droppings on your porch, there are various methods you can use to get rid of them.

Pigeon birth control

Pigeon populations can grow exponentially. A mating pair can produce two eggs per clutch six times a year. The OvoControl pigeon control program is the most effective and humane way to keep birds away from a porch. It uses pigeon birth control to reduce your pigeon population.

The contraceptive bait means the eggs the females lay don’t hatch. All you have to do is place an automatic feeder somewhere safe, and it feeds pellets to the pigeons every day. It takes a little time to see the results, but it will get rid of half the pigeons over a year and the rest over time.

Physical deterrents

If you want to stop pigeons from roosting and nesting on your porch, you can try to physically deter them. Bird spikes are usually made from metal or plastic, and you can install them on areas where pigeons like to roost. They can be a bit unsightly, but they will make it uncomfortable to roost without hurting them. Pigeons rarely perch directly next to people. If you can discourage them from perching above you by using spikes, your pigeon problem may just go away.

Besides spikes, there are also other physical deterrents such as bird slopes and slides. Bird slopes have an angled design which makes it impossible for birds to land and nest in 90-degree areas like in the eaves or on ledges.

Visual deterrents

Reflected light sources can physically deter pigeons because they have very sensitive eyes. They react to flashes of light which can make them feel disorientated. Shiny wrapping paper that blows in the wind is an easy and economical option. Another option is reflective tape. It reflects the sun’s rays which will deter pigeons from landing. Visual deterrents are more effective when you move or change them often.

An effigy of a predator, like an owl, can deter pigeons. However, they soon become used to an effigy, especially if it doesn’t move. Today there are some effigies available that have moving parts which makes them more effective. However, pigeons tend to realize they aren’t a threat quite quickly. Frequently changing the position of effigies can help.

Auditory deterrents

Pigeons can hear sounds that humans can’t hear. An ultrasonic emitter emits sounds that repel pigeons. The sounds may be bird distress calls or the sounds of predators. The range of these devices is limited, so they won’t work that well in certain situations, but they can be very effective on a porch. They are easy to install and more aesthetically pleasing than spikes.

Physical repellents 

There are various physical repellents on the market, such as gels and pastes. You can use a gel or paste on areas where pigeons are likely to perch. These products are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. The problem is that they are inconsistently effective. You need to re-apply them frequently because they won’t work when dust or debris covers them. You also need to be mindful that smaller birds may get permanently stuck in the gel.


Pigeons can cause a problem on your porch, and you need to find the best way to get rid of them. You can use various different methods, such as physical, visual and auditory deterrents or repellents. Some of these methods are more effective than others, but none of them reduce the pigeon population. This is why it is important to use a pigeon birth control method. It provides a humane and permanent way to reduce the pigeon population on your porch.