DIY means Do It Yourself, so be sure that you are willing to take full advantage of everything that offers you as an opportunity to create a vacation that is perfectly tailored to you! This means no rules, you are the boss here after all. Touring around gives you more scope for variation and adventure so if you want to get as much as you can done this is the way to go. So it makes perfect sense to plan it out since you only have limited time on any vacation the sensible thing to do is to know what the best way to go about everything is. Let’s look at the various things that make a DIY touring vacation come together.

Plan Your Route (but don’t stick to it)

Route planning is a great idea, as you know you’ll start and end up at home, there are no rules other than that. Your only limitations are going to be your wallet and your imagination. So you should plan your route, a good way to do this is the very old-fashioned way, pull out a map, or more likely these days look one up on your phone. This method is very effective these days as the map app on most phones can not only plan a route but give recommendations of attractions, places to eat and anything else you ask of it along the way. Although you can make an excellent, and detailed, plan this way it’s important to remember you can change it at any point, and this, after all, is the point of the adventure is it not?

Get the Best Prices for All Parts

As you are not tied down to specific travel or accommodation like you would be if you chose a vacation organized for you by a single travel company. The biggest advantage this gives you is that you can price up each section of the trip individually, potentially making massive savings in the process. It’s easy to get flights cheap if you shop around online, as well as hotels or hostels. The one disadvantage of this is that you may not be liable for compensation if flights or other plans fall through and this affects your next stage of the journey, so it’s essential to have good travel insurance.

Create Your Own Transport

One cool and awesome thing to do that is on the rise is converting old vehicles into camper can accommodation. As well as saving money on travel and accommodation much of the fun can be had to complete the renovation project before you go. It’s a lot of work but there is plenty of help and advice out there, websites such as Parked In Paradise have loads of tutorials and advice on this subject.

Mix-Up your Accommodation

We have stated a few different types of accommodation you might consider when piecing together and sometimes it sounds like you have to choose one over the other. Well, you don’t. Why not camp some nights, spend a week in an Airbnb and then the last few nights in a 5-star hotel?