If you’ve ever stayed at a luxury hotel, you’ve probably laid on the bed, looked at your surroundings and thought “I could get used to this!” Recreating that effect in your bedroom at home isn’t as challenging or expensive as it sounds. You can invest to make your bedroom look and feel like a luxury hotel with a few simple upgrades and decor installations.

Here are some of the ways you can change your bedroom to create a private paradise that isn’t just a novelty, but a place you get to visit at the end of each day.


It’s All About the Bed

One of the main things that makes a luxury hotel so enjoyable is the bed. A high-quality bed can change your entire existence by helping you get great sleep at night and giving you a place to while away rainy Sunday mornings. Look for a high-quality mattress or consider investing in an adjustable bed with a power bed base so that you can customize your relaxation experience.

To really capture the luxury hotel experience, overload your bed with pillows and accent blankets. Additionally, you can add a bench or storage ottoman at the end for seating and additional blanket storage. You can also hang drapes around your bed for a minimal investment to feel like royalty each and every night.

Change up the Lighting

Warm, ambient lighting is essential if you want to recreate the feeling you got in a luxury hotel. Forget about lamps on an overcrowded nightstand. Instead, install wall fixtures beside or over your bed that can be turned on and off without getting up to flip a switch. The idea of not having to stumble through the dark to get to bed after turning off the light may not seem like a luxury privilege, but you won’t want to go back to it after having a convenient switch by your bed.

If you’re an avid reader, consider adding an adjustable wall fixture that you can pull toward yourself to illuminate the pages of your book as you relax and unwind. Muted wall sconces are also a classy touch that adds a warm vibrancy to a room.


Spruce Up the Decor

If your bedroom has just been pieced together until now, it’s time to spruce up the decor. Create a cohesive interior design scheme that brings together the colors of the walls, the various art pieces and accent pieces in the room, the curtains, and all aspects of the space for one look. When choosing paint colors, you’ll want something clean and muted, such as shades of blue or grey. Neutral tones are also ideal for promoting relaxation and rest.


Ceiling to Floor Curtains

Regardless of if you’re aiming for a luxurious look in your bedroom or just trying to make your overall living space appear larger, ceiling to floor curtains is a design hack that you can use in any area of your home. Using this approach to window coverings makes the ceiling look higher and gives the illusion that the windows behind the curtain are bigger.



Mirrors don’t just serve the purpose of giving you a place to check your appearance before heading out into the world. They also reflect light around the room, improving the natural illumination of an area while creating the illusion of extra space. Strategically place small accent mirrors and larger ornate mirrors around your room for a chic, elegant, functional design trend. If you have a closet, having mirrors adhered to the doors is a great way to optimize space while improving the flow of natural light.

When designing your luxury hotel-inspired bedroom, remember one key thing: it’s your room. Hotels are designed to be enjoyed by whoever walks through the door. In your private retreat, you should incorporate aspects of your likes and tastes to make it your own.