Whether you have kids or not, chances are that if you are in your 30s and 40s, you have noticed how hard it can be to recover from a late night out. Not to mention the planning that goes into going out beforehand.

Let us work backwards to make sure you enjoy the night out and everything that happens before and after the party. Whether you have a graduation, birthday, wedding or office party, you need to plan ahead to streamline the process of going out. Yes, I know, this is called being a grownup.

The Morning After

Be prepared. Plan and prepare everything you may need to replenish your body beforehand. It may have been a while since you thought about how to cure a bad hangover,but trust me, you want to be prepared.

Make sure you have enough liquids, simple meals, painkillers and supplements to get you through the morning after the big night out. Cancel any plans you may have made beforehand, such as family lunches or a gym session, to give yourself the time you need to recover and feel human again. (Often this can take a day or two!)

Even if you did not drink, staying out late will mess with your sleeping routine and you will be tired the next day. Leave time for that all-important midday nap. Fatigue is just as bad as a hangover for many people.

Perhaps you hit the dancefloor. Hard. Now you are feeling the aches and pains and stiffness from dancing the night away – this too will need some recovery time. Put your feet up and be a couch potato for the day. Your muscles will thank you later.

Plan Properly

If you have children, make sure your babysitter is booked ahead of time and have a plan B ready should something happen to the babysitter. Don’t plan big events on the day of the function with your children because getting to the party tired can only make things worse.

Take it easy with your kids and plan a relaxing day of arts and crafts at home, and ensure supper is ready for them so that you have time to get ready without being flustered. Plan your outfit and gift beforehand to avoid the mad rush to get to the party or reception on time.

If you plan on drinking, book your taxi or Uber to avoid the stress of planning how to get home when you have been drinking.

Enjoy Yourself

Now that you have taken the time and spent the energy on planning properly, there is nothing left for you to do other than enjoy the night out. You deserve it.

When you get home from the party, you can be rest assured that you are equipped for the morning after and you can pat yourself on the back for this! You are going to be happy you planned beforehand! One last thing, remember to turn off your alarm clock and sleep in. You are going to need it!