One career option if you want to help others and challenge yourself is to become a nurse. The healthcare sector is filled with possibilities and opportunities that are worth pursuing.

It’s a wise idea to find out how you can be preparing for a career in nursing early on, so you’re ready to dive in once you tackle all the necessary prerequisites. It’s in your best interest to get in the right mindset and know what will be expected of you so you can thrive in your new role. You’ll feel more confident in your abilities and what you have to offer when you take time to review these preparation tips in advance.

Advance Your Education

A good place to start when wanting to properly prepare for a career in nursing is to obtain a nursing degree. Advance your education by signing up for accelerated bsn programs online and gaining the skills you will need to be successful in this position. You want to show potential employers that you’re dedicated and committed to your career and have the right education and background to perform your job duties. You’ll feel ready to enter the workforce once you have this new knowledge as a foundation.

Get an Internship

You can prepare for a career in nursing by going after an internship. Avoid focusing on the fact that you may not receive compensation for your hard work. Instead, concentrate on the upside of you gaining hands-on experience that you can later apply when working a job down the road. You’re going to learn a lot, and it’ll be a safe place for making mistakes and asking questions. Also, use it as a chance to meet new people in the field and build up your network. You never know who you will run into that will be able to help you advance your nursing career later. This is an opportunity for you to test out a few different jobs or avenues within the healthcare field so you can figure out what specific job you may want to do one day.

Volunteer at A Hospital

Another way to get ready for a career in nursing is to volunteer at a hospital. Hospitals are always looking for help, and it’ll be a way to get your foot in the door somewhere. Enjoy meeting the patients and getting a better idea if this type of environment is right for you. Take time to speak and interact with the working nurses and pick their brains about what advice and insights they have for you as you consider this career. Try to interact with the patients and staff and get a better idea of working with and helping others is what you want to ultimately be doing with your time.

Join A Nursing Organization

There are also a wide variety of nursing organizations out there that you should consider joining. Prepare for a nursing career by extending your networking of connections and learning more about the field and the regulations and rules. You’ll have access to related events, conferences and a plethora of information about the latest developments within the field. Keep your eyes and ears open because these organizations also often advertise different job and career opportunities that are available to those just starting.

Some of these organizations include:

  • American Nurses Association
  • National Student Nurses’ Association
  • Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses

Job Shadow

Prepare for a career in nursing by spending your free time shadowing other professionals who you look up to in the field. Pinpoint a nurse who has a lot of experience and knowledge to share. Go around with them as they work and then sit down and discuss what questions or hesitations you have about the job. This type of experience is going to give you a true idea of what you would be doing daily and if you think you have the right skills and personality for the job. This is also your chance to follow nurses around in all sorts of different settings to help you determine what healthcare environment you may want to work in one day.

Conduct Interviews

The simple act of talking with and interviewing a nursing professional about their career path and experiences can be useful. Ask questions you have and advice about what mistakes they’ve made and tips on how you can avoid doing the same. Research the various types of nurses and places you could work and get in touch with these individuals so you can compare your notes and narrow down what direction you want to head. Seek out what they like and don’t like about working as a nurse so you can start a pros and cons list for yourself. Use these discussions as information gathering sessions so you can review your notes later and decide whether you want to pursue a career in nursing or not.

Review Your Qualities & Brush up on Your Skills

Know what it takes to be a successful nurse and compare this to your particular strengths and weaknesses. Carefully review your qualities and what you believe you’ll bring to the profession to help you decide whether you are a good fit for the role. If there are any gaps, this is a good opportunity to brush up on any skills you’re lacking or struggling with, so you’re prepared to perform your job duties well when the time comes. For instance, a few traits of the most effective nurses include:

  • Good communication skills
  • Caring attitude toward patients, peers and other individuals you may encounter
  • Interest in working with people
  • The desire for a career which is continually changing and evolving
  • Ability to think and act under extreme stress


By now, you should have some ideas about what you can be doing to help you prepare to become a nurse. Stay curious and open-minded throughout the learning process so you can come to the right conclusion about your future.