We all do our best to keep our families safe and, for the most part, we are successful at doing that. But, accidents happen, and people do get hurt. Every year, tens of thousands of Americans die when they have accidents in their own house or apartment. Below, we tell you about the most common issues and briefly suggest some ways you can reduce the chances of such incidents occurring.

Trip and fall accidents

In 2017, 36,338 people in the US died from a fall they had at home. Often, they had fallen off an object. But, a significant percentage of them died after slipping over. If you have a pool, putting up a slippery surface warning sign like the ones you can buy from mydoorsign can make a big difference.

Often, reminding people that there is a potential hazard is usually enough for them to modify their behavior. For example, a sign can make people proceed with more caution or remember to duck so that they do not hit their head on a low doorway. Avoiding clutter and using non-slip mats can also help to reduce the chances of someone tripping or slipping over.

Poisoning incidents

Surprisingly, according to the National Safety Council, 64,795 Americans died of poisoning during 2017. Most of them after eating or drinking something they should not have done. However, gas leaks are another cause of poisoning in the home.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the victims of home poisonings are children. They tend to drink or try to eat things that they should not. So, it is very important that you know how to safely stow drugs, chemicals, and cleaning products. This article explains how to do exactly that.

It is also worth installing sensors that will pick up the early signs of gas and carbon monoxide leaks. Every home should have smoke alarms. Make sure that you put them up in a place where they will be effective. You also want it to be easy to take down to check and change the batteries regularly.

Be aware of the risk of suffocation

Every year, thousands of small children die as a result of suffocation. Very young children are especially vulnerable. Alarmingly, two-thirds of infants that die of an accidental injury while under the age of one do so as a result of suffocation. You can find out how these accidents happen and, more importantly, how to reduce the risk, by clicking here.

Drowning deaths in the home

Young children should never be left near water unsupervised. They have no understanding of how dangerous it is. So, it is all too easy for them to fall in and drown. They could even potentially drown in a paddling pool with just a few inches of water in it. If a small child falls face down in one and there is no adult there to right them, they could die. Young infants cannot always get up or work out how to turn over.

The above are just a few of the preventable home accidents you need to be aware of. It is worth taking an hour, or two, out of your day to go online and read more of the safety advice that is available.