If your hallway is a bland, boring space that serves as little more than a place to store away items you don’t know what to do with, then it’s high time to rethink your home décor.

Like anything you own, your hallways should serve as a useful space and be a thoughtful extension of the rest of your home. Here is a trio of tips to whip your ho-hum hallway into shape as a space no one wants to leave.

Add Color

It might seem as though a hallway needs to stay firmly in neutral city, with white or beige paint serving as the foundation. But, as long as you match the adjoining rooms, you can also decide to go big and bold. Since hallways are often smaller spaces, it’s a lot easier to start test-driving lively hues you’ve always admired but have been too scared to try out. Indeed, this new pop of color will likely make quite the impression.

Don’t forget about the wallpaper, which makes for a wonderful backdrop to any room. These days, when it comes to wallpaper, consumers have far more options from which to choose. Say goodbye to the goose-laden wallpaper border adorned throughout your grandma’s house and, instead, think thick stripes, metallic effects, and subtle scrolling. 

Then, add some new lighting to fit the space. From chandeliers and ceiling fixtures to recessed lighting and table lamps, you have countless options to serve as a focal point in both small and large rooms alike. Whatever you decide, you’ll brighten up your existing space and, in the process, give it some much-needed pizzazz.

Display Artwork

Say you’ve been on the receiving end of personalized photos arranged into custom gifts. Well, isn’t it about time you put them to good use in your home? Whether you opt for a family-filled gallery wall or focus on something specific, like a beach vacation or winter holiday, your hallway may become the most admired spot in the house. Best of all, a gallery wall works just as well in a narrow hallway as it does in a larger hall.

Go big or go small. Group pictures in a giant wall covering spread or opt for a smaller, odd-numbered assortment of frames over a console table. But don’t be afraid to think beyond the frame. Add in some of your favorite drawings or prints, vintage dishware, and whatever else you can get your creative little hands on.

Save Valuable Space

Your ho-hum hallway doesn’t just have to serve as a means to go from one room to another. In fact, ask yourself: What else can I do with this area? If you lack space, it’s time to rethink your hallway’s purpose. Consider how the location of this hallway fits into the rest of your home. No front entryway? No problem. With a bit of organizing, you can make your hallway communication central.

Try adding a console table with a docking station for easy charging of smart devices, as well as some baskets for essentials like your car keys, hats and shoes. No space for a table? Go for assorted hooks to handle everything from backpacks to purses to keys with style. Additionally, wall calendars can help you stay organized and keep everyone on the same page. Finally, look for wall mounts in different shapes and sizes as a home for the dog’s leash, travel bowls and your favorite outside toys.

Your New Favorite Space

With a bit of thought and a minimal amount of effort, you can turn your hallway from boring to beautiful. Start with paint or wallpaper, consider the surrounding rooms, and see how you can tweak your hallway to become the kind of space you’ve always wanted but didn’t know you had.