Hubby was off work today so we headed over to the house to check the progress and start putting together our kitchen. When we arrived we were pleased to find that the kitchen floor was finished and had been completely grouted and the first cleaning done. While we were there they also installed the trim around the floor. Macky is supposed to bring us some beams to match those in the ceilings of the rest of the house and we’re going to test those out to see if it integrates the room a bit more into the house.

The sander was also already working and apparently did the majority of the work yesterday or early this morning. He was sanding the corners and edges when we arrived and even managed to lacquer it before he left today…which is perfect timing since they will be starting the painting on Monday and we really hoped to have that done so they can paint in there first and we can move all the office furniture in there from the start.

We also discussed the bathroom upstairs which they will begin working on next week. Macky will be building a stepped wall all the way around the room which should look really nice. The shower will hopefully be delivered next week as well (the sooner the better) and they already have the toilet here. He thinks he may manage to finish it next week as well so we may just happen to finish everything before we move in. They are also going to put the starting drainage system for the bathroom we will add in the attic which will make things much easier when we start that project.

Here’s our progress from today. We’re not quite half finished but we ran into a few complications along the way. Let’s just start by saying I definitely understand why people pay to have their kitchens assembled for them now. The instructions are less than clear in many instances and I consider myself to be quite experienced in reading IKEA. But they do strange things like putting special instructions on how to install the cabinet to hold the Domsjö sink (I think it’s called) inside the box holding the sink and not in the instructions which come with the actual cabinet.

We also ran into some larger problems when we realized we had hardly any of the fronts to the drawers and it’s rather impossible to install the drawer without having any idea what the drawer front heights are. And it turned out that many of the cabinets we ordered are not in the regular IKEA catalog or in the kitchens catalog. We actually had to make a trip to IKEA because we only had the regular catalog here with us…I stupidly left the others at home, assuming the instructions with the kitchen would give us pictures of how all these funky little cabinets with all the special features should be assembled. Unfortunately, they did not have the Faktum kitchen pieces catalog which has pictures of two of the tall cabinets we need to assemble and we have no clue how all the pieces are supposed to fit together. So tomorrow we’ll have to make a trip back to the house to pick up that catalog before we can get things finished. But they did have quite of a few of the drawer fronts we needed and we also found out our new oven is there waiting for us. So tomorrow we will go pick that up (we had the other oven and microwave in the Defender already) as well as the bathroom cabinets and sink and the drawer pulls and door knobs so we can actually start using the kitchen. We certainly have enough things we’ll be putting in there.