Fifth Avenue South is one of Naples most visited areas when people want to do some shopping or explore fine dining options. But not every place on Fifth Avenue includes extreme price tags.

Today we’d like to introduce you to 5th Avenue Coffee Company & 6th Street Diner. Located at the corner of 5th Avenue South and 6th Street (599 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102), it’s a really cute little coffee shop, serving not only hot and cold drinks, but also an array of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

IMG_9780We had the chance to sit down with Frederik, the owner, and asked him a few questions about how he found his way to Naples and how perfect 5th Avenue Coffee Co. is for everyone — whether you are just strolling in off the beach or just want a great cup of coffee. IMG_9782Like so many others now living in Naples, Frederik and his life started vacation in Naples nearly 20 years ago. They fell in love with the city, and in 2006 moved here full time. When the coffee shop became available in September 2008, they took it over and full renovated the inside about two years ago. IMG_9783It’s a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere inside which is extremely family friendly. You can enjoy sitting inside or outside at one of the many tables under the trees.
IMG_9789The menu of 5th Avenue Coffee Company includes a wide range of drinks, from delicious coffee and espresso drinks like Cafe Latte and ice coffee, but also includes smoothies and milkshakes, along with the usual teas, soft drinks and water. You’ll even find a few alcoholic beverages there.
IMG_9786 If you’re hungry for breakfast, try a bagel, freshly baked sweets and muffins, a breakfast burrito or a stack of pancakes. The lunch/dinner menu includes wraps, salads, paninis, burgers and more. IMG_9788“When Cheeburger Cheeburger left Fifth Avenue — a hole emerged in dining options,” Frederik explained. “We wanted to help fill that void and make sure that a more low key alternative to the finer dining options remained down here.”

IMG_9787For those who may be traveling or need a quick place to stop off to get some work done, 5th Avenue Coffee Co. completely caters to your needs.  They offer free wifi — and even a free printer for those moments when you need to get important documents off your phone like your boarding pass!

IMG_9779With almost 70 seats outside and around 60 inside, there’s a lot of seating here for larger groups. And no one will fuss at you if you wander in with sand in your shoes.

IMG_9777Be sure to go visit them soon and tell them Foodie Naples sent you. 😉

5th Avenue Coffee Co
599 5th Ave S
Naples, FL 34102
(239) 261-5757

Note: This article written by Tiffany Muehlbauer, author and editor of No Ordinary Homestead, first appeared on in 2014 and has been republished with permission.