Well, they’re back. It’s getting close to Christmas and the Christmas markets are everywhere. We went to our own tiny 6 hour market on December 2nd. We tried to take Ayla along but she was just too wound up and there were too many people for it to be fun. Some friends invited us to the markt in Aschaffenburg so we went yesterday. We debated all day whether we should take Ayla or not…and she didn’t really make us want to give her a chance to behave herself. Earlier in the day we went grocery shopping and gave her the chance to stay out of her crate during the couple of hours we were gone.

So, as has happened a bit more often than we’ve liked in the last while, we came home to find things strewn around the dining room & living room. These have recently included:

  • bottles of lotion
  • candles which have been chewed on
  • pieces of glass from candle holders she’s broken (they used to be on our dining table & she only recently decided she hated them…in fact she seems to want that table to be empty at all times of the day)
  • pieces of paper, important and not, from the dining table
  • various stuffed animals which don’t belong to her (from a room she only recently gained access to because she’s big enough to jump over the barrier now)
  • various pieces of the chemistry set & mini-greenhouse to start our new garden (also from the “new” room)
  • anything else which we may have been dumb enough to leave anywhere within her ever-increasing grasp

But, being glutton for punishment, we decided to take Ayla with us. She actually happened to behave herself for the most part, aside from a few fits of barking at us because she wanted to play instead of just kind stand around. There were quite a few other people there with dogs, including a family with their 16-week-old Border Collie puppy. And a lot of people with small kids as well. One family stopped and asked a bunch of questions about Newfies…think they may have been in the market for a dog already & perhaps they just fell in love with the breed.