Journaling is a great way to help improve your overall mental health. However, it can be quite a challenge to think of what to write about. That’s why journal prompts are an excellent way to get you started with your journaling.

We’re here to help by offering some journal prompts to help you feel your best. Take a short break from looking at the new Boosted Brad products, and let’s get into it.

Journal Prompts for Anxiety

  • “Where do I feel this emotion in my body? Is it my shoulders? Is it my neck? Is it my chest?”
  • “What is the emotion I feel trying to tell me?”
  • “Are my thoughts truth? Or, are my thoughts based on past experiences? Am I engaging in psychic thinking?”

Journal Prompts of Self-Love

  • “What’s one thing I can do for myself today to show myself love? When and how will I do it?”
  • “What parts of me feel that they aren’t loveable? What can I do to help change that?”
  • “Am I giving myself enough self-love or am I relying too much on others to make me feel love?”

Journal Prompts for Heartbreak

  • “Am I allowing myself to grieve the relationship? If not, why am I suppressing these feelings? If so, what is this grief showing me?”
  • “Am I allowing myself to move on from the relationship, or am I still clinging to hope or fantasy?”
  • “What’s something that can help me to feel safe, secure, and loved? When am I going to do this?”

Journal Prompts for Motivation

  • “What’s one or two things in my life that are holding me back? What are things I can do to correct this?”
  • “Where does my motivation stem from? What really excites me and inspires me? Am I engaging in behaviors and activities every day that make me feel this excitement and inspiration?”
  • “What is one small thing I can do today to help me move forward towards my goals? When will I do it?”

Journal Prompts for Happiness

  • “What are the things in life that truly make me feel happy? Are there any of those things I can experience today? If so, when will I do them?
  • “Can I feel happy just for the sake of feeling happy?”
  • “Are there things in my life that I’m doing that I know take away from my chance at happiness, but I continue to do them? If so, why is this? What can I do to correct this, so I can live a happier life?”

Journal Prompts for Peace

  • “Where is a place that I feel the most peaceful? Is there a place where I can go often where I can feel this peace and comfort? If not, can I create a space like this in my home?”
  • “Have I been feeling peaceful lately? If not, why is this the case? What can I change about this to feel more comfortable and relaxed?”
  • “Do I believe that I deserve to have peace? If not, what makes me think I’m unworthy? What are ways that I am worthy of peace?”