Have you been poorly treated or unfairly dismissed by your employer?  The following step is to report the matter to your State Labor Office. Once you have done that, the next step is to seek legal counsel in the form of an employment lawyer.

Employment lawyers are responsible for ensuring that the correct process of hiring and dismissal of employees are adhered to by employers. They also handle issues like illness, injury-related, and discrimination-based claims – by furthering the matter to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The EEOC is a federal-administered agency that oversees the investigation into discrimination-based claims raised by employees and jobseekers against employers. If you are a victim of discrimination in your workplace – you should get in contact with Atlanta lawyers HKM. – who provide professional legal counsel and representation when employer-employee issues arise. Furthermore, it’s probably in your best interest to consider a career change or seek alternative employment.

But first, here are five key qualities to look for in an employment lawyer – so you know all the right questions to ask.

Specialized Experience

Whenever you have a claim against your employer, you want to make sure that you have a lawyer who has expert knowledge explicitly required for the nature of your complaint. Employment law has many niches – therefore, you can find employment lawyers specializing in employee unfair treatment or dismissal, contracts, or discrimination in the workplace.


Your employment lawyer should always be upfront with you. Lawyers must be completely honest about everything related to your case – matters such as the case’s duration, probability of success, costs, and risks involved.  A transparent lawyer must always give clients sound professional advice.


Reputation is an excellent trait for an employment lawyer to have. If your lawyer has a good reputation with companies, magistrates, and other attorneys, your case will progress more swiftly – absent of counterclaims and arguments. A reputable lawyer may also assist you in settling out of court, should you and your employer choose to handle things that way.


A good employment lawyer looks at every claim as a unique case. To ensure preparation and knowledge in the subject matter – an employment lawyer must research the critical aspects of every claim. Your employment lawyer may request you to provide documents that can be used as evidence against your employer – therefore strengthening your case.


It is best to have a lawyer who is capable of working under pressure and quickly adapting to situations, for example, when the defense brings forward new evidence against the employee. lawyer with good adaptability skills also has incredible foresight and can quickly build counter-arguments against the defense, thus showing their knowledge of the subject matter.

Although it can be daunting at times, always remember this whenever you find yourself in a legal work-related matter, whether with your employer or colleague, seek legal counsel from a reputable employment lawyer.  Finding a lawyer will save you days’ worth of reading regulatory laws, filling in mountains of paperwork, and sometimes even going to court.