There are many causes of pollution, and it has a negative effect on both your health and mood. Some of the main things that lead to this include poor quality materials used during construction and emissions from various appliances used in your home. According to medical professionals, indoor air pollution can result in complications such as asthma, fatigue, and lung disease. It is recommendable for you to purchase an air quality testing kit or hire a professional firm to do the work.

You can find the gadgets in your nearby hardware store. A significant number of people have started using the kits as hiring professional firms is more expensive. According to an expert from the Harvard Medical School, the quality of indoor air tends to be low during the winter season as allergens get trapped inside our homes. You can consult Prime Air about any air conditioning needs by visiting the official website. The following are some tips for you:


It is one of the best ways to improve the quality of air in your home as it facilitates the flow of air into your home by removing stagnant air. You can do this by opening doors and windows regularly. However, some residential areas may have unpleasant and toxic air during certain hours in a day. Therefore, choose the time for opening doors and windows wisely. You can also ventilate your home by installing trickle ventilators. The devices are effective as they filter the air getting into your home to eliminate any impurities.

Clean your air conditioner regularly.

The appliances are used to remove moisture in a room and to refresh any stagnant air that is present. Most air conditioners have filters which are involved in eliminating all impurities. The AC becomes ineffective if you fail to clean them appropriately. It is recommendable to use the manufacturer’s manual when undertaking the exercise. You can also change the filters and clean the ducts.

Use air purifiers.

If you are unable to control the source of allergens in your home, then this is the solution for you to avoid any allergies they cause. According to medical experts, one of the main sources of allergens is pets in your home. The appliances help to capture the irritants of allergic reactions.

Clean your clothes and sheets.

Dust mites are said to be one of the leading causes of this type of air pollution, and this is likely to make you feel tired. It is recommendable to use low allergenic soaps in your cleaning activity to eliminate the mites in your clothes and sheets.

Your choice of renovation materials.

Typical paints and carpets are commonly used in our homes. According to medical professionals, the gases emitted by these items contribute to indoor air pollution. Therefore, ensure that you use natural home renovation options, which are free from irritants.

Use activated charcoal.

The method has been used to improve the quality of air by eliminating contaminants for years now. Soldiers used them in gas masks during the First World War.