We have finally taken the first leap into selling a few of our things on ebay so I thought I would post something here for everyone we know living in Germany or Europe who might be interested in buying some of our stuff. 😉

Most of the stuff we are currently selling off has barely ever been used, because that’s just how we roll.

Got a massive painting project to do? Then you need this Wagner Paint Crew. I have to admit this thing has only been used about 3 times, but it totally saved us when we had to repaint our basement in our old rental house before moving out. Never paint an insanely textured wall terracotta — that’s all I have to say.

wagner airless paint crew

You probably saw my Pastamatic PM 1400 review a few weeks ago. Very cool machine, but I’m trying to reduce the number of machines I have in my kitchen. And since my KitchenAid also makes delectable pasta, I’m going to have to stick with the latter! Check it out on ebay.

pastamatic 1400

Not into home improvements but do have a 1-2 year old at home? How about carrying kids on your back? Mackenzie has outgrown her Deuter Kid Comfort 2 backpack seat (as sad as that is) so it’s also up for grabs. We loved this thing. Really great when you’re going somewhere with large crowds and a stroller is impractical. Or if you want to hike up a mountain. 😉 Go to the ebay listing

deuter kid comfort 2

By the way, I will mail this stuff internationally (obviously you’ll have to pay the shipping which won’t be cheap outside of Germany).

And if you’re thinking about listing anything on eBay yourself, I highly recommend the free Turbo Lister software. Without it, listing stuff on ebay is an unbearably long process.