Learning to Live

Our lives have become so compressed. Our work and responsibilities are always making demands of us. Isn’t it only fair that we take some time for ourselves? Spending time to make our lives meaningful is part of what makes our experience unique. It brings us back to values and meaning that refresh and put our enthusiasm back in the driver’s seat. Take, for example, if we grew up in the country, it is a great thing to return to some of those memories or place things in our life that bring back the memory of those moments.

Our life without a rudder is, by itself, meaningless. If we use our environment to guide our experiences, we will be better off. Even a simple thing like replacing a door with a different door will help remind us of those meaningful events. What would it be like if we had sliding barn doors in our home rather than the plain old wooden doors that we see everywhere, every day? We would be reminded of our adventures on the farm when we grew up: feeding of the cows; playing with the goats, sheep, and wild ducks; riding horses; and walking alone in the woods while listening to the songbirds. Let the new door be used as a symbol and raise your life to another level. No one needs to know why you replaced your door. Just say it’s a “unique way of renovating” life.

Learning to Travel Lightly

Modern psychologists since the turn of the century have realized how imagination can fuel our life. The brain has a servo-mechanism that is unique and works in union with the subconscious. Just give your subconscious an idea and it will find a solution.

Perhaps we don’t have the extra money to travel to Patmos or walk on the foothills of the Himalayas, but who says it has to be that way forever. By spending time daily and seeing ourselves already there, we can prepare ourselves for our extraordinary travel experience we will have. Modern psychology says that it is not seeing in our imagination what will be, but professionals of all kinds use this technique to actually see themselves as they are experiencing the event: race car drivers, basketball players, gymnasts, lawyers, and more. See yourself as if you are already sitting on the beach in Patmos. See, feel, hear, and taste the food of your favorite cuisines, trees, flowers, and smell the aromas that fill the air. Through using these exercises, we will gain new insights into the places we can travel and already learn the idea of how to experience our extraordinary destinations when we actually get there.

Home Trends to Prepare For

Just like places we want to travel, we can prepare our homes for trends which are moving us into the future. One of the latest trends today is green living and being sustainable throughout the house. Perhaps by adding new light fixtures, or double or triple layer windows in our home, we can make changes in our home to live more efficiently. Here are a few ways of going green today.

  • Line Dry your Clothes
  • Use Cold Water to Wash Laundry
  • Wait to Have a Full Load Before Washing
  • Replace Bulbs with LED

Line Dry Clothes

By choosing to dry your clothes on a line, you can save hundreds of dollars of electric bills yearly and help save on the overall maintenance of your machine use.

Use Cold Water to Wash

It has been proven that cold water gives just as clean a wash as using warm water. Plus, by using cold water, you will save on using energy to heat water. You don’t have to cook using cold water, but just stretch the limit on the ways you can be more sustainable. These ideas are suitable for everyone, including your electric bill.

Wash Only When You Have a Full Load

If it isn’t necessary to wash every day, wait until you have a full load. You can begin to save more money by exercising patience in place of using more energy.

Replace Bulbs With LED

Using LED bulbs will help lower the amount of electricity you use daily in your home and save in a big way on your electric bill.

Install a Solar Panel

There are more ways to lower your electric bill. You can install a single solar panel or a set. Solar panels are becoming more inexpensive. People are installing them so that they are placed on the windows of a home without calling attention to their presence. You can have the electric savings without having large panels sticking out of your home.

These are all great ideas to try. Prepare ahead and use as many as you can. Tuck away that extra money you will be saving on your household needs, then get ready and plan that vacation.