Hello again my fellow dogs!

Not every dog can say she’s been “dumpster diving” before…but I have and I LOVE it!

Ok, so I wasn’t actually IN any dumpsters (although I did climb in one low one we had here at the farm one time), but I was picking through other people’s trash on Monday which was a large trash collection day here in our town. Most people were just throw out old furniture, broken things, scrap stuff and a whole lot of other junk. But I guess someone new my birthday was coming up because they left me a super cool new dinosaur stuffie! Look!!

Sorry it’s not a very flattering photo of him, but as you can see, he’s easily the size of most small-medium sized dogs. When I carry him in my mouth (holding on to his stomach) his head almost drags the ground! And he’s almost as long as I am…and ALWAYS has a smile on his face. Talk about a great new friend!

I had some great fun playing with him the first few days he was here…but, alas, I had to go and screw things up and I accidentally ripped most of his front leg off! I was playing with him in the living room and mom and dad weren’t paying much attention to me behind the couch. Then mom got up to check on me and saw the dino guts ALL over the floor. I think she’s going to get him out of the ICU soon (at least I hope so) and maybe his leg will be as good as new then! I can’t wait!

I’m really looking forward to my burp day tomorrow and sure hope I’ve been a good enough girl the last few days to get all my presents! Mom kept saying I better behave but it’s just SO hard! You guys know what I mean, right? I guess the older you get, the better behaved you become. But I’m still letting my wildness run free as long as I can!!

Oh, and did I mention I got to play with Maya, the super cool Bernese Mountain Dog that lives down the block from us? She’s only a week older than me but 5 kilos lighter…and we LOVE to play rough. I think most dogs in the neighborhood are a bit scared of us because we get a little crazy around each other…but we can’t help it that we’re fabulous!

Hope all you dogs have a GREAT weekend and I’ll be sharing all my loot with you soon! 😉

Super sloppy Newfie kisses!