I actually did this little project a few weeks ago but I just kept forgetting to post anything about it. Much like the windows in our downstairs bathroom, we used Amorf Frost frosting foil from IKEA to cover these windows.

It’s a simple enough process:

  1. Scrape the edges of the window with a flat razor blade to remove any paint
  2. Clean window and edges with Windex to get all the dirt off so you get a good hold
  3. Measure the frosting foil against the window and cut to approximate size (I leave some overage and then trim it later since our windows are old and I have little faith that they are actually straight)
  4. Spray the window down with water
  5. Peel the backing off the foil and put it onto the window, shiny side facing the window
  6. Use the squeegee they include with the foil to start working the bubbles out. I usually start with the upper left corner, getting the foil aligned there and along the top and then working my way down the window
  7. Once everything is smoothed out and nicely stuck, use a razor blade or box cutter with a straight edge (ruler, etc) to trim any overage. Hold the straight edge against the window frame and slide the blade along the edge so you can get a straight cut.
  8. If there is a problem area, just pull the foil off at a nearby corner, respray the window (if needed) and then re-stick and smooth

In the future we may put some sort of drape up to give it a bit more style but at least now people can’t see into the office where I’m working all day and where all our office equipment is. Most of it’s old but it probably doesn’t really look that way…and why encourage someone to break into our home?

You can see through to the neighbors courtyard in the first picture here (and my war zone of an office.)

And this is what it looks like now.

I have to say I think I probably get a lot more accomplished with the window covered like this. Although I can hear the neighbors next door coming and going and I can hear the delivery guy for the potato growers behind us tearing down the alley, I at least don’t really see them which cuts down on the distractions. And if I can’t actually see them, I don’t get quite so agitated that the guy is speeding through there. Why I care is beyond me. We never really go to that side of the house, we don’t park our cars over there or anything else. But it sorta feels like he’s just disrespecting the town by driving like that and there could be someone in the street back there. It’s just not necessary. The speed limit in this city is supposed to be 30 mph (50 km/h) anyway and I’m pretty sure he’s exceeding that. And it’s not as if it’s a huge street. Only one car can fit down it at a time. But like I said, now I thankfully only have to hear him occasionally. 🙂