natural cold remedy kids

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today and it’s snowing…again. So since I can barely even think straight, I thought I would pull out an old post that is so perfect to combat the numerous colds that have been going around.

When the weather starts to change or new kids come into the preschool, Mack often ends up with a cold. So I had to find something that would ease her aches and pains, curb the sniffles and give everyone a good nights’ rest.

The following is an essential oil blend which you can use in baths, on tissues, in massage oil and for inhalation. You only need fractions of drops of essential oils to treat kids so I always create the blend first, bottle it and then mix up what I need as I go. Then mix a few nights worth of massage oil at once, which lasts the few days that the cold hangs around.

In case you’re wondering, it’s also strong enough for adults should the cold get passed on. Plus it just smells nice and healing somehow.

This natural cold remedy is for symptoms like runny or stuffed up noses, congestion, cough and fever. Ingredients like lavender and neroli are included to help encourage sleep. Also, if anyone in your house comes down with a cold or someone visits who is sick, don’t forget to disinfect the air with kid-friendly homemade germ-killing spray.

Please notice that the milder forms of eucalyptus (not Eucalyptus globulus) and thyme are used. Do NOT substitute regular eucalyptus or thyme essential oils in their place when making this blend for children. The oils are far too powerful for small kids.

There is no substitute for the professional advice of a doctor. And if a cold should worsen or extend beyond one weeks time, you should consult a physician. 

Natural Cold Remedies Essential Oil Blend

  • 10 drops eucalyptus radiata
  • 5 drops lavender
  • 5 drops tea tree
  • 5 drops neroli
  • 2 drops thyme linalol

Combine the ingredients in a small bottle or bowl. Keep in an airtight glass amber-colored bottle.

Using the Natural Cold Remedies Blend

Baths — Dilute the blend into your favorite carrier oil before putting into the bath water. The full teaspoon of oil plus the drops of blend can be used in the bath water. If you’re making this for a newborn (<2 months old) mix 1 drop blend in 2 teaspoons carrier oil and use only 1/2 teaspoon of the carrier oil mixture in the bath.

  • 2-18 months old — 1 drop blend in 1 teaspoon carrier oil
  • 18 months – 3 years — 2 drops blend in 1 teaspoon carrier oil
  • 3-6 years — 3 drops blend in 1 teaspoon carrier oil
  • 7-11 years — 4 drops blend in 1 teaspoon carrier oil
  • 12+ years — 5 drops blend in 1 teaspoon carrier oil

Baby Massage — Rub into the upper chest and back at each diaper change: 2 teaspoons carrier oil plus 1 drop of the cold blend. Be sparing with the oils.

Scented Tissue — Put a couple drops on a tissue or handkerchief and encourage your child to sniff it to help relieve symptoms. If there are colds going around your child’s school, this is a great way to help your little one fight off the germs without having to avoid classmates and germs.