Today was almost like Christmas when the new fridge arrived. First I received the disposable cameras we ordered for the housewarming party in the mail which was already a nice surprise. Of course I knew the refrigerator was being delivered today but had no idea when or if there would be any complications with the delivery company. You see, when we bought the fridge, the sales persons (we had two since I was there once alone and then once with Stefan) both made a big deal about asking whether there were any stairs, if the kitchen was on the ground floor and so on and insisted that the guys would deliver the fridge to the first closed door…which to me doesn’t sound very promising. We explained that we live on an old farm and there are no stairs but there is one step to get into the room. I also asked if “the first closed door” would include our front gate and if I need to leave it open…but apparently I didn’t really need to worry.

The guys showed up around noon and amazingly enough I happened to see them before they saw me. So I already had secured the dog and was making my way down to open the front gates for them when they started to approach. They didn’t give any complaints or have any hesitations about moving the fridge back there although they were a bit surprised to see an old fridge there. Guess they hadn’t checked the work order too well beforehand. But they moved it out of the way also, moved the new one into place and were on their way. Very efficient and friendly which was a pleasant surprise. You just never know what will happen with delivery people ๐Ÿ™‚

The fridge was all wrapped up in plastic when they took it out of the box so I got to tear it open. Then came the task of finding all the little strips of tape holding the shelves and door trays in place. It smells like a new car inside there…in a very good way ๐Ÿ™‚

And of course removing the handles from inside the fridge.

Here’s the finished product after I cleaned everything up inside. I didn’t notice when we looked at it before but the shelves actually pull out a bit so you can reach everything at the back and I really dig the clear plastic fronts on the door compartments.

After a closer inspection I am very pleased with the purchase and think we will very much enjoy using this side-by-side. Unfortunately it’s going to be another few hours before we can turn it on (you’re supposed to wait 6 hours after unpacking it) and then a while longer before anything can be put it in it…but at least tomorrow we will be able to use our new fridge to its full potential. I’m pretty excited about hooking up the water connection and getting the ice maker working too!

Oh and if something seems to be missing in the photo below, it’s the other half of the right door handle. I managed to get one on ok but the screws and the pre-drilled holes are a bit strange and to prevent myself from stripping out any more screw heads, I will wait for Stefan to come home and hopefully he will have use his magic touch on it.

Next week, this side-by-side isn’t going to know what hit it when we start prepping for the party. We’ll be testing just how far this machine can make it and how much food really will fit in this fridge!