We don’t talk about it much because we’re rarely up there (especially after almost locking ourselves up there permanently – which I have only just realized I have never blogged about but went back to relive for you) but we have a rather large attic space which runs above our new kitchen and mud room. It is about 6 meters wide and perhaps 20 meters long…and it’s pretty much full of old furniture and junk. Since we were up there working on the pump for our water system around the farm and I had the camera there already, I finally took some photos of everything laying around. Cleaning up and clearing out all of this stuff is definitely going to have to wait until it gets cooler though. It’s got to be over 100 degrees in there when it’s close to 90 outside and there is no way you should be up there working in that heat.

These are the stairs that lead from the courtyard up into the attic. It seems they were probably using this area for hay storage at some point as well before they filled it up with furniture.

Anyone need an old radio?

One of the massive old baskets we’ve found around the farm. Thankfully this one was not used to house birds at any time as far as we can tell.

This is actually the hole we climbed through to escape from the attic.

And this is more or less the view of it from the stairs, hence us almost not seeing it at all.

This is one of 3 chaise lounges that we have like this. There is one here in this attic, one in the attic of the main house and one in the barn…and I think all of them are covered in a different material.

And this is a sample of everything else us there. There are piles of chairs, stacked up tables, toppers for buffets and a variety of other things.

Needless to say when we finally do get to this project it will take at least one weekend. We need to go through everything and asses what is complete and what isn’t. Then we need to figure out what may be complete but in pieces around the farm. And then we need to restack and organize everything and use our wet/dry vac to remove the dust and cobwebs from here. But it will definitely be fall before we consider starting this project.