Macky our contractor is now on vacation and it’s driving us crazy since we have a ton of things to get done before we move and the time frame is really running down. We have given notice on our house and need to be moved out by the end of January so it’s only a matter of weeks before we need to have things mostly completed in the house so we can at least start moving our things in without having to store them in the barn or somewhere else which isn’t fully resistant against the weather.

When we took out the old kitchen, we noticed that the two far corners of the room were slightly sloped down. They also appeared to have a small amount of water damage and there’s a bit of mold on the walls which means something was leaking at some point even though it doesn’t seem to be now. After seeing this, we knew that we needed to investigate things further and, since there was a layer of compressed wood particle board covering the entire floor, that meant we need to rip everything up. Our original idea was to cover the old kitchen and dining room area with the large tiles which we purchased for the new kitchen floor. We also had played with the idea of taking the brick back splash from the old kitchen off the wall which would give the painter one less thing to mess with when he starts painting on the 15th.

So we started taking up the particle board and soon discovered that they were covering orignal hardwood floors. As you can see, in this back corner there was quite a bit of water damage which meant we needed to make a decision about what to do with the floors…just cover everything up again with tile or try to repair the floor which was there with some new wood…or just tear everything up in that room and start again with all new wood. As we worked through that decision process, we decided to take off the brick blacksplash anyway which ended up taking only a few minutes with the 3 of us pounding away at it.