The covid19 pandemic has changed our lives quite drastically, and while most of us hold onto hope that some shred of normality will return, even with the release of a vaccine, rolling lockdowns, and stringent restrictions remain in place around the globe. However, you don’t have to compromise your well-deserved vacation, as these pandemic-friendly vacation ideas make it easy to follow social distancing protocols and remain safe during the pandemic.

Vacation Rentals

Vacations rentals range from luxury condos to Airbnb rentals and everything in between. While a hotel stay could have you a bit too close to staff and other guests when considering hotel layouts, a vacation rental is a lot like a home away from home. You will be able to vacation safely alone or with your family without worrying about social distancing. While you should still bring face masks and practice health and safety recommendations, you can rent a condo and enjoy a luxury getaway without breaking any lockdown laws.

Secluded Hotel Stays

While the average hotel building is not exactly suitable for pandemic vacations, a few secluded hotels stay out there that can have you experiencing the ultimate luxury and absolute privacy. Some of these hotel rooms are strategically built in the wild, near a water body, or simply far from everything and everyone. While a secluded hotel stay can be undeniably romantic for couples, it is also the perfect way to break away from everyday life chaos.

Road Trip

A road trip could be a vacation on its own. However, to make the entire duration of your getaway pandemic friendly, you will need to pair your road trip with pandemic-friendly accommodation, such as a secluded hotel or a vacation rental. However, a road trip is undoubtedly safer than traveling to your destination by plane, bus, train, or taxi as public transport genuinely cannot support social distancing. Therefore, road tripping is the safest way to travel to your vacation destination. Traveling in your own car to nearby vacation places might also be somewhat more affordable than other traveling options.

Camping And Glamping

Camping is not just one of the most beneficial types of getaways for your health and wellbeing, nor is it only the most pocket-friendly, as camping is also completely pandemic-friendly. You won’t have to worry about social distancing, sanitizing, or even wearing a mask while indulging in the great outdoors. You should practice the recommended health and safety measures if you were camping with a group of friends or extended family. If the idea of camping is a bit too void of luxury for your liking, glamping is the perfect solution as a style of camping that enhanced the general level of comfort while enjoying nature.

Staying Safe While On Vacation

While opting for pandemic-friendly vacations is best, you should also consider precautions while on vacation. Therefore, you should plan to avoid crowds, busy malls, and tourist attractions unless you are able to social distance with ease. Vacationing in a pandemic will be vastly different from your previous getaways. However, you can still enjoy an enriching vacation with proper planning and consideration to covid19 health and safety regulations.