For anyone traveling around Thailand or Southeast Asia, a trip to Phi Phi Islands is a must. You can find them around the west of the country just off the mainland, and the islands are a tropical paradise with perfect beaches, warm sea, and fantastic food. There’s a great tourist culture there, and you’ll find people from all over the world, as well as lots of locals living in perfect harmony. The islands are home to water sports like snorkeling and jet skiing for those looking for a bit of adrenaline, as well as relaxing cruises around the beaches for people wanting to wind down and relax.

Maya Bay

Our first destination is Maya Bay, made famous by the film ‘The Beach.’ This is a good start, and there’s a reason they chose it as their filming location. Maya Bay is home to the quintessential beach with white sand and blue sea. To get there, you’ll need a boat ride to the island, and then make your way through the cave opening into the bay. Bring your swimming things and swim in the sea and bathe in the sun, perhaps broken up with snorkeling where you’ll be able to see an amazing amount of fish in the clear waters.

Pileh Lagoon

Another perfect snorkeling spot, the lagoon is partitioned off from the sea, meaning the water is calmer and allows you to be able to really appreciate the life under the sea. You may be able to see some interesting species like flying fish, as well as coral and tons of exotic smaller creatures.

Loh Samah Bay

This is just by Maya Bay, but is less busy and the perfect spot to stop your boat and soak up the sun. There are plenty of great tours and companies that will take you there, but we recommend the Phi Phi Island Tour – Simba Sea Trips. They offer lots of different options and will be sure to look after you on your day out.

Monkey Beach

As the name implies, the beach is full of monkeys! You’ll be able to walk around the wooded area and see families of monkeys in their natural habitat. Take some bananas to feed the babies, but beware that they are smart and will be all over you if they see food! Make sure that your bag is closed and locked, or they will be straight in there and off with your possessions! They are generally very tame and very used to humans, so you’ll be able to get close to them.

Phi Phi Don Market

If shopping and food are more of your thing, then this is the place for you. The streets are full of stalls with fantastic Thai food and places to pick up new clothes. Go and explore the streets as you never know what you’ll find around the corner. Make sure to get your bartering hat on, as they can spot a tourist a mile away and will charge whatever they fancy.