Nothing says style and luxury like private air travel. You can soar through the skies in a private jet and travel from country to country. You can control have more control over your schedule and travel when you want to travel. Say goodbye to long security queues and even longer midnight layovers. Private air travel is the best way to travel, without a doubt.

Here is a quick overview of private air travel and which countries use it most.

What is private air travel?

There are plenty of ways you can travel privately. You could rent a private jet or buy your own. Either way, private air travel is an entirely different experience from other transport options.

Why is private travel growing?

It’s no secret that our favorite A-listers love to travel in style. Kim K and her famous friends hop on a private jet every other day. They fill their jets with luxurious seating and delicious snacks. But the private travel industry is growing, and it’s not just reserved for celebrities anymore.

Private travel is utilized by businesses across the globe. Some countries have more private air travel to accommodate more businesses. Others use private travel for recreational trips around the world. You can fly to Dubai in a private jet and avoid airport delays along the way.

Vista Global reported a 67% increase in global flight hours in 2021. The private aviation sector is on the rise across the world. Vista Global found a 153% increase in private air travel in the Middle East and 76% in North America.

Private jet ownership around the world

The USA currently has the biggest market for private jets in the world. A recent Wealth Report revealed that the country has 12717 private planes in total. Mexico comes in second with 950 jets, followed by Brazil at 786 and Canada at 534. Australia is at the bottom of the top ten ownership with just one private jet. The USA has more jets than the rest of the top ten countries combined.

What are the benefits of private jet travel?

Convenience and efficiency are at the heart of private jet travel. You can reduce downtime and travel seamlessly between countries. You don’t need to waste hours waiting in airport security or waiting for your flight to board. You can hop on, hop off and attend your business meeting in no time at all.

You can choose your aircraft and its interior. You can make the seats as comfortable as possible and bid goodbye to unhygienic flight bathrooms. You can even take your pet with you if they have a passport.

Private air travel is the future of transport.