Not everyone is made for an in-office job, and some people just work better if they’re at home, within their own work environment, and in their own time. With the current world events, some businesses saw this happen with their own employees, which is why many of them now offer work from home as an option.

That being said, if you don’t really have a job at the moment, and you think that working from home is something you’re better suited for, why not try your hand at an online career? There are many women who make a decent living out of streaming on popular cam sites, blogging, or even social media, why not be one of them?

If you like the idea, the thing you’re wondering is probably what kind of online career you can start with. Well, we’ll make things a bit easier for you, and we’ll discuss a few rather profitable online careers for women.

Start Your Own Blog

This is probably one of the most interesting ways you can make a living online, by starting your own blog. Yes, you might be thinking that there are too many of them, and it’ll be hard for you to break through, etc., etc. But honestly, those are just excuses. If you’re knowledgeable in an industry or a niche and have something to offer that other blogs don’t, you’re good to go.

The key first step is to identify what that niche or industry is, and analyze your competition. As we mentioned, if you have something your potential competitors don’t, that’s reason enough to start your blog. Once you know what the niche is, you can set things up in terms of buying a domain, hosting the website, and setting it up initially. WordPress is more than enough – you don’t have to waste your time on custom things.

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Then, it’s all about adding content to your blog. Here’s a tip – don’t write useless content that’s there to just hit a word count. Try to add value to whatever you’re blogging about. That’s what attracts readers, and that’s what is going to give them a reason to stay on your blog and recommend it to others.

Once you’ve got your blog metrics at a high level, you can start thinking about monetization. Whether it’s Google Ads, or brand collaborations, or any other way to make money off the content you post on your blog, blogging can get you a pretty good profit.

Work With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that’s actually surprisingly easy to get into, but can quickly turn into a very profitable career if you play your cards right. The way it works is that you lead people to buy something from a certain store, and the store, in return, pays you a percentage of the sale. And if you have a lot of readers that are interested in buying things, you can make a lot of money.

Affiliate marketing works best with Amazon, but more and more companies have started noticing that it works really well, so now you have a variety of online shops that offer affiliate programs. What you should be doing is finding the niche you’d like to work in, and then considering what shop offers the best affiliate program.

A thing to note is that blogs or websites that offer honest reviews of the products you’re linking to usually work best. People know when you’re “too positive” about an item, and instead of buying it, they’ll circumvent your blog and won’t really trust you.

When you’ve got a steady number of visitors and people that actually use your affiliate blogs, you can think about expanding into different industries and niches and maximizing your profits.

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Try Freelance Writing

If you’re a woman who has a way with words, freelance writing is an incredibly lucrative job that you can actually make a lot of money from. Of course, it might not be that easy when you’re starting out, and you’ll need to work hard at it until you land the right clients. But once you do, it’s all about being consistent with your quality, and you’ll see that the money you can make is actually pretty good.

A thing to note if you want to try freelance writing is that while you could be a versatile writer who’s good at everything, it’s much better to find a thing that you’re really good at. Whether that’s fashion, technology, makeup, or anything else that piques your interest, you’ll be much better at your job if you actually love it.

And of course, if you get into writing, it’s not just the money that makes it an attractive proposition. It’s also the fact that you’ll be constantly learning new things about the industries you’re covering, which is quite frankly, underrated.