After-party cleaning is something most people never want to do. But it doesn’t have to be all stress and worry. With some simple tips and hacks, the job no one wants is pretty simple. From cleaning as you go to covering your tabletops, here are some useful party suggestions.

Quick and Easy Party Cleaning Hacks

What About Some Hired Help?

First, it might be necessary to hire some help depending on the situation. Maybe too many guests used the bathroom, you forgot to recharge the vacuum cleaner, or people made use of your fun facilities. Services such as maids or professional hot tub cleaning and the like can really help you out here. After a party, it is often best to ensure cleaning is done correctly for certain things, getting everything spic and span and ready for your next amazing event.

Keep Trash Bags Close and Use Them

Trash bags are a Godsend when you have even a few people over. After a party, they are vital. Keep more than one roll close by so you always have some to hand. They are a massive help when you need to clear a table, grab cans and bottles, or get rid of used napkins. Of course, it may also be best to buy heavy-duty bags for a party, as food and drink containers can be heavy. As you go along, pay attention to recyclables and non-recyclables to make it easier, too.

Keep It Outside for Easy Party Cleaning

There are a few reasons why hosting outdoors, such as for a summer party, is a better option. For example, you really don’t know who will attend, and there may be some strangers. So, you don’t want strangers in your home. However, it is also easier to clean up and prevents valuables from being damaged. It takes around 15 minutes to clean up after a weeknight meal. Yet the kitchen gets trashed at parties, and keeping people outside means you have better control.

Use Tablecloths Everywhere

Tablecloths are vital, just like trash bags. You can guarantee that there will be spillages of food and drink, both of which will stain your tables. However, the real reason for using these is that you can easily just pull them off and dispose of them when the time comes. This saves a ton of time when you are cleaning. And it also offers a quick and easy way to keep things tidy during the party. Having some spares means you can quickly replace spoiled tablecloths in a jiffy.

Strategize the Cleanup Plan

Cleaning up is relatively straightforward. You bag everything, wipe, and vacuum. But there is a way to do it right that will save time and make it easier. For example, professional cleaners would start with the room further from the kitchen and work towards it. This reduces the chances of tracking mud and debris into other rooms. It also helps to tackle each room one by one based on what needs to be done. Bathrooms will be the worst, so always begin cleaning them first.


Hiring some help, such as maids, can help with party cleaning tasks. Keeping the event outside can also help minimize some of the associated issues of a party. Developing a plan also helps take the worst areas first and prevents cross-contamination when going from room to room.