So, you’ve been contemplating buying a gel memory foam mattress for some time now, but are not sure if it’s worth the investment? There are so many opinions on the subject that it can be overwhelming. 

Don’t let this hold you back from making that all-important health decision. Here are the reasons why you should go ahead and order a memory foam mattress today. 

Relieve Pressure on Joints

Made from viscoelastic polyurethane foam, these mattresses respond to your body’s weight and temperature. These properties allow the mattress to mold to your body’s shape and relieve pressure from joints. It works wonders for those suffering from a bad back as it supports your spine even when sleeping on your side. 

Adjusts To Different Sleep Positions

We are all different and have specific sleep preferences. Some of us sleep on our back, while others prefer sleeping on their stomach. Regardless of the position you sleep in, the gel memory foam mattress will cradle your whole body, giving you a good night’s sleep. 

If you prefer to sleep straight on your back, then, the Visco foam will provide good lumbar support to your spine and help your back to relax. For side sleepers, it can accommodate your hip and shoulders in such a way that your back is still supported. For those who sleep on their stomach, your back is curved with support from the right points. 

Different Firmness Levels

These mattresses are available with different levels of firmness to accommodate different types of sleepers. It ranges from soft to medium to firm. Depending on the way you sleep, you can pick the firmness that suits you. Typically, pick a firm mattress if you sleep on your back, a medium one if you sleep on your side, and a soft one if you sleep on your stomach.

Motion Resistant

For light sleepers, then you may have experienced sleep disturbances when the other one takes a turn. There goes your sleep. A memory gel foam mattress will not let your sleep be disturbed as it absorbs any movement on the mattress. This way, if one person rolls over or gets out of bed, the other is not jolted.

Dust Resistant

The open crevices in a regular mattress accumulate a lot of dust and can be the cause of your allergies. A memory foam mattress is made with dense material that does not allow dust particles to accumulate and burrow into it, leaving it dust-free. You can also use a hypo-allergenic mattress cover to prevent dust accumulation on top of the mattress. 

Now you can have a dust and allergy-free bedroom, thanks to gel memory foam mattresses. 

Fits Adjustable Beds Too

Because gel memory foam mattresses are flexible, they make a perfect fit for adjustable beds. This means that mattress supports your back and relieves the joints, whether your bed is angled or flat.  

Care Is Easy

These mattresses require the bare minimum upkeep. A few rotations a year and vacuuming once a month is enough to maintain it. 


These mattresses are also durable when compared to other mattresses. A typical mattress is known to last about seven years, while a gel memory foam mattress is known to last up to ten years. 

A good night’s sleep can leave you fresh and alert to tackle the day. The comfort that your mattress provides while you sleep is essential as it reflects directly on your health and well being. So, don’t think twice before investing in your health and wellness.