Serviced apartments are houses that you can live in temporarily. Mostly, these houses are well-furnished to have a feel of home. You may want to rent a serviced apartment in a place due to business reasons, tourism, or as a getaway.

These houses have been built with essential facilities to make you most comfortable. Now, depending on the services, these serviced apartments come in different rent prices. If you are going for a business in Dubai, you may consider renting a serviced apartment. While on business, it would not hurt to also get to see the beautiful city of Dubai.

5 Essential Tips to Consider When Choosing a Serviced Apartment in Dubai

  1.     Thorough Research:

Proper planning and thorough research is an important step in finding a suitable serviced apartment. Do general and more specific research on serviced hotel apartments in Dubai. Note the locations that these apartments, and consider their proximity to your place of business. More so, check your pocket, that is, consider your budget. You may create a budget according to what you plan to do and the places you intend to go. Look up each available apartment in the vicinity and confirm their services and amenities offered through evidence from others who have used these services

  1.     Procedures of Booking:

Read through the booking processes of the serviced apartment that you choose and begin the booking early on. Early booking may offer small discounts and lets you save up some amount from your budget, which you can then use for other things that may have not been planned. Go through the reviews according to the rating of the apartment. Ensure that you compare different options before choosing an apartment. Consider other customers’ opinions of the place, and confirm testimonials, if you can. Also, try to get in touch with the owner or manager of the serviced apartment, or the customer support line to take note of their responsiveness to issues. This may also be used to analyze their rate of effective communication.

  1.     Amenities Available:

Compare the services offered by each apartment. Depending on your needs, consider sizes and structures. Your desired serviced apartment may be particular or general. Choose one that best suits your needs. Ask for additional services if needed. Better still, ask about extra services and any additional charges before booking a serviced apartment in Dubai. You may go for an apartment due to its rating and review as they may align with what you want. However, check that the reviews are the latest and reliable.

  1.     Moving into the Apartment:

When you settle into the serviced apartment, assess the environment and ensure everything is in good working condition. Understand the apartment rules and comply. Try not to get anything spoiled and if there was something faulty or with any issue when you moved in, make sure you report it so it can be fixed. Get familiar with the space and facilities. If you cannot operate anything, ensure that you call in to confirm. Do not hesitate to ask questions about anything regarding the apartment. Check for safety equipment and protocols that are in place. In case of emergency, make sure you understand the emergency procedures that are in place.

  1.     Staying in the Apartment:

During your stay throughout the time in the serviced apartment, obey the rules, and ensure that you keep the environment free from dirt. Maintain orderliness and whenever you need assistance, get in contact with the provider of the apartment. Keep the property clean and enjoy your stay. Try to visit places and have fun while doing your business in Dubai. To have the best time in a serviced apartment, you should consider using most, if not all, of the services provided. After all, you have paid for them, so why not enjoy them?

Some apartments offer services like a concierge that will help the provider to overlook how the business runs in the apartment. In this case, you can get a caretaker or a housewarming assistant to help maintain the property’s facilities. This is included in additional services provided, so you may choose to pay for these services.


When going on your next business trip to Dubai, consider renting a serviced apartment for the duration of your stay. Reach out to friends who may have used these services for their advice on getting the best-serviced apartment for your needs. Before you book an apartment for rent, read about as much information as you can find about it and its provider.

More helpful tips are: checking their ratings, reading testimonials available, asking people about the apartment, confirming the security protocols and safety measures, booking early to get the best space or discounts, and many more.

As you travel for business, don’t forget to have fun too. Try to visit tourist attractions that are available in the city, learn about their culture, and even meet new people. You can also try new food if you have no allergies. Consider all these on your next business trip to Dubai.