The roofing industry in Canada creates around 9bn annually in revenue. Given the number of problems your roof can experience this is hardly a surprise. Your roof is fundamental to the structure of your home, and it is quite inaccessible in most dwellings. This combines to make it a real pain to fix.

With this in mind, let’s look at the most common problems.

Moisture and Water Damage

If you have missing tiles or punctures to a waterproof membrane, water, snow, and sleet will cause problems and not to your just roof. Water damage will seep through to the rest of the house, causing more problems and more issues.

Poor Installation

If your roof has been installed badly, then you may find it will start to leak. Common issues are too few nails have been used to hold tiles in place, or the nails have been put in the wrong place. This can cause tiles to slip off the roof.

Flashing that hasn’t been installed and secured using the right tools, and roofing sealants can also cause leaks and other problems. One of the issues here is that weather damage is accentuated unless the flashing is installed correctly in the first instance.

Poorly Installed Guttering

Guttering that is poorly installed will direct water to where it will cause harm to your home. If you feel this is the case, redirect it as soon as you can. It should carry water away from your home to the drain.

Pooling Water

If pools of water are forming on your roof, then this is a sign of a serious problem. As the water pools, it will put more load on the roof which will eventually start to leak. If your roof is working correctly, it will transport the water away from your home into drains.

It is possible that pooling water can lead to a roofing collapse.

Roof Membrane Shrinkage

Roofing membranes can and do shrink. The membrane is positioned just below your tiles, and they keep out harsher weather and UV light. Over time, this membrane can shrink, causing parts of the roof to dislodge.

If you notice problems with your roof, it could be down to the membrane deterioration.

Blocked Drains

It isn’t unheard of for blocked drains and gutters to cause water to pool on a roof. When this happens, the problems outlined above occur. It is a good practice to check your gutters and drains and unblock them regularly.

This simple act could save you thousands of dollars.

Roof Punctures

Extreme weather can and does puncture your roofing material. Should this happen, damp and other weather-related issues are sure to follow. It is good practice to inspect your roof regularly for signs of punctures and if you spot one or two, get it fixed.

Fixing your Roof

It is a good idea to bring in a roofing professional if you have problems and as soon as it is feasible to do so. The roof is a part of your home that needs to be in good working order to avoid problems in other parts of your home and to avoid escalating costs.