Choosing to ride a bicycle can be a healthy and fun way of commuting. Once we’re retired, biking is one of the safest, joint-friendly ways of staying in shape. But for a lot of seniors, this can be challenging because of balance and strength problems. Switching to a 3-wheel bike as a senior can bring joy and mobility back to your life. So, what is a tricycle exactly? A tricycle is a bicycle with two additional wheels at its rear or front part. Tricycle riders are provided with stability and balance due to the construction of the vehicle. Have you ever fallen off your bike and felt fear afterward? Maybe it’s time to hit the roadand be independent (and safer!) on your tricycle!

Read more to find the suitable tricycle options for you.

Choose the Right Type of Tricycle

3 wheel bikes for seniors have become more popular because of their benefits.

Carrying groceries or simply getting more active has never been so easy! To make the best choice, follow our little guide below and find the differences between the types of tricycles available on the market.

Upright 3 Wheel Bikes

Upright trikes will allow you to sit in a straight position, just like on a bicycle. In other words, you might be able to shift positions much easier than on other tricycles. Because of that, the pressure on the rider’s lower back can be relieved. In comparison to recumbent tricycles, this bike provides you with better visibility and balance. For some users, upright 3 wheel bikes are known to provide you with better comfort of hand placement.

Electric Tricycle

The electric 3 wheel bike uses an electric motor to support your mobility. With a little help of pedal-assistance, you can cope with uphill routes or strong winds. Apart from that, using this type of tricycle makes doing groceries or commuting to your favorite place easy! So, you can safely run your errands and exercise at the same time. Before purchasing an electric tricycle, make sure to find the information about battery capacity to know what distance you can cover by using the pedal support.

Folding Tricycle

You want to buy a tricycle but have no place to keep it? Don’t worry! Folding trikes will save your space and still be an excellent means of transportation. These tricycles are an ideal choice for seniors who downsized their housing and might have some storage issues. A folded 3 wheel bike will take up much less space than a regular tricycle. Most of the available options can be ready for a ride or folded in less than 20 seconds. Apart from that, you can always fit your tricycle in a trunk and travel further destinations with it!

The Surprising Advantages of Tricycles

Before purchasing our tricycle, we don’t consider how many positives it can bring to our lives. Imagine those long bike rides with your grandkids or grocery shopping without relying on your relative’s assistance. We underestimate the importance of independence in the lives of seniors. That is why having your own means of transportation can hugely impact your way of functioning.

Cycling has a lot of health benefits, which can prevent you from getting diseases or gaining weight. The best part of this form of exercise is that you can’t even feel like you are working out. Just imagine those blissful wind kisses on your cheeks while the sun is shining. It can also be considered as a form of relaxation that positively influences your mental health.

Let’s talk about how owning a tricycle makes you more independent. Have you ever struggled to go grocery shopping because you needed another person’s assistance? Trikes can not only be a perfect trolly for your bags but also help you move around facilities. Amongst all of the means of transportation, only trikes can provide you with stability and a sense of security. Due to the construction of the vehicle, keeping balance is very easy. Thanks to additional wheels, you can enjoy your ride without any concerns.

Things You Should Consider before Buying

There is no doubt that our tricycle should be tailored to our needs. That is why customization is vital for enhancing  your riding experience. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing your 3 wheel bike.

  • Does my back need extra support?

Sometimes typical saddles might not be the safest and convenient option in case of back pains.

  • Will I need to carry my trikes with me?

In this instance, a folded tricycle will be strongly advised. Also, try to look for some options made out of light-weighted materials.

  • What will I use my tricycle for?

On the market, you can find various suitable options to help you carry on with your lifestyle.

Final Words

Buying a 3 wheel bike can be a long-term investment that will bring independence back to your life.  Suddenly everyday tasks might get much easier to complete, and your health can gradually improve due to additional movement.  Moreover, the feeling of safety on your wheels will help you to enjoy your rides and feel the wind in your hair. Remember to purchase a bike suitable to your medical condition, and don’t forget to ask your doctor about using trikes.