This past weekend was my birthday – the big 3-5 to be precise – and we took the opportunity to escape Berlin to visit my parents. They live in a quaint mountain village in the bavarian forrest and spending time there is perfect to recharge the batteries since everything is SOOOOO quiet.

However, quiet is not the only thing there – the other things are hills. Big hills, everywhere! Now, Tiffany and I training in Berlin means that we consider larger than usual curbs at street corners major elevation changes. Running up here meant we got our rude awakening.


Tiffany and my dad, happy to have crested the first hill

Soon after leaving town the concrete ends and the forrest starts. Running through the forrest here is truly beautiful. Lots of moss covered rocks and if you don’t trample your way through the woods too loudly you might even spot a deer. We saw one, but by the time I had the camera out of the pouch it had disappeared.


Heading into nature

Another nice thing about running up here is the sceneries. Check out those views into the valley.


Enjoying the views into the valley

We ran an out-and-back course that was roughly 4miles long altogether. Just before the turning point for the last 10th of a mile or so there is a pretty major incline. We thought about quitting often, but did stick it through. The sip of water was well deserved.


Staying hydrated

It’s always nice to have a change of scenery when running. Berlin is relatively green (at least in the parks) but being out here and running the trails is just a bit more fun. Even if it meant our thighs felt like they where exploding by the end.


Happy to have made it back home