The act of cleaning your home may not exactly make it to your list of favorite weekend activities, but keeping an organized space is still an essential requirement for your everyday life nevertheless.

We all have that one room overflowing with piles of disorganized junk. From the countless shampoo bottles pilling up in your bathroom to the guest bedroom that now serves as your temporary storage unit, the very thought of putting even one item away may be enough to make you want to crawl into bed.

But what if you could transform these undesirable spaces into organized havens you’ll want to use throughout the day with their newfound appeal and structure? Don’t just wait for those least favorite rooms to grow on you — revamp them into charming areas you can enjoy today.

Give your house the makeover it deserves by converting these traditionally undesirable spaces with sophisticated storage ideas that’ll revolutionize your entire home.

The Bathroom

While the bathroom is where you soak up on suds and may be the place where you pass the time engaging in your most reflective thinking, you might not spend too much time in this room beyond the daily shower and bathroom uses at all.

Bathrooms are often small, and the addition of a large bathtub, sink, and toilet can make this space seem even tinier. That’s why when it comes to home decorating in your bathroom, it’s best to stick with a minimalist design that makes the most out of every space.

Consider investing in a corner storage rack that holds your daily bathroom necessities with an added aesthetical value. Don’t neglect the valuable room in your bath space, either. Use hooks on the shower rods to store hanging containers and to hold your shampoos and loofas in without taking up too much space.

And who could forget all that extra room on top of your toilet, too? Add an arching shelf that stands over your toilet to store all your essential bathroom necessities within easy reach as well.

Garages and Basements

Your garage or basement may just be one of the most spacious rooms in your house — so don’t underestimate its value! While you may not consider your cellar a habitable space, that doesn’t mean it skimps on valuable storage space with ample room to hold your most precious items with ease. Transform your basement or garage into an organized haven with a few organization tips that help put everything right into place.

Remember to use your space efficiently. Unlike dining areas and other rooms in your house, the walls will likely be bare — providing you with just the extra space you need! Store loose tools and other items with utility hooks drilled into the concrete to keep all goods readily available and in their rightful place.

While the walls may be empty, the floor is where you’ll really find the most use. Make storage bins into your new best friend and add sticker labels to each container to keep goods organized and out of sight. For a higher aesthetic, opt for clear bins and add decorative tape to the exterior for storage with an added flair.


Kitchen and Dining Rooms

While your kitchen may be overflowing with tasty treats and goodies, the idea of cleaning up dishes and those left behind crumbs is enough to make you designate this room one of your least favorite areas to organize altogether.

That’s where a bit of DIY home décor comes into play. Repurpose an old cigar box into a container where you can store your secret stash of treats while keeping them out of sight in a distracting way. If you don’t have any containers laying around your housing, try making your own unique storage box instead.

Unlike other rooms in the house where you may want to uphold the “out of sight, out of mind” mantra, remember to keep your daily cooking necessities stored in plain sight. Make use of shelves for glassware and dishes and keep cooking utensils stored neatly in jars for easy access throughout the day.

Guest Rooms

You may have just enough energy to tidy up your own sleeping space, but organizing another room you hardly ever use is an entirely different story.

Guest rooms are often a necessary addition to any house — especially when you have the occasional out-of-town visitor who needs a place to stay. But while this room may not find use every day of the year, it’s essential to keep everything where it needs to be so that you don’t feel tempted to convert this space into a room that holds your unwanted ski gear from last winter instead.

The number one area to organize in your guest room will inevitably be the bed. Since you likely won’t have a guest sleeping in your guest room every night, invest in a futon that allows you to have a minimalist style while budgeting your home décor spending, too.

Store added linens and accessories in foldable containers you can slide under the bed to give the area a more open and polished look. While the floor may be ideal space for storage, put the walls to work, too. Add bookshelves to the walls and hang up shelves to house artistic pieces and lamps with an added decorative value.


Tips and Trick to Apply to Any Room

If you find yourself suffering through organizing any other room in the house, remember to keep these simple tricks and tips in mind to transform home decorating into an act you’ll actually want to do:

  • Hit up the flea market. You’ll likely find a few beautiful vintage pieces that make budgeting home decorating a breeze.
  • Don’t sweat it. Wait for the inspiration to come to your instead of forcing yourself to decorate and spruce up a room when you lack the motivation.
  • Take it slow. Vow to dedicate a few minutes a day to vamping up the storage in your least favorite spaces. Breaking your renovation down into increments will make the task more manageable, too.
  • Gather the troops. You may just find the inspiration you need to transform your least favorite room into a comfortable and cozy space where all of your family and friends will want to hang out, too.

Next morning, wake up and grab a cup of coffee while you eat your morning breakfast with ease. You’ll no longer have to stress about those unwanted areas that have now become spaces of sophistication that complement the aura of elegance you’ve always hoped to achieve.

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